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Mar 13, 2018 - May 15, 2018








Lou - Josh RadnorTracey - Rosie PerezRobbie - Damon J. GillespieLillette - Auli'i CravalhoVanessa - Shirley RumierkDoug - Joe TippettSimon - Ted SutherlandMaashous - Rarmian NewtonKaitlin - Taylor RichardsonGail - Marley SheltonGordy - Casey Johnson

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A musical drama following a teacher who inspires his school's theater department.

Lou Mazzuchelli is a dedicated teacher and family man who overcomes his own self-doubt to take over his school's lackluster theater department. In doing so, his passion for the program galvanizes not only the faculty and students, but the entire working-class town.

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11/23/18 at 07:52pm

This is a shame because I actually think this was better than Glee! It was easy to watch and very very relevant for today!
07/07/18 at 08:56am

Shame. Worthwhile show with so many plot lines that are relevant for today. Just finished binging to find it now over
michael moore
06/28/18 at 09:41am

NBC is so messed up they are always cancelling the really good shows like Rise and renewing the shows that are so stupid
06/15/18 at 07:06pm

Truly disappointing that the show got canceled. It had something to say and it said it well.
06/13/18 at 05:40pm

This was one of my favorite shows to tune into this year. I was so disappointed to hear it was cancelled. It was excellent at showing what today's highschoolers are going through.
Sue lessard
06/12/18 at 06:04pm

Rise was one of those shows that Icouldn’t wait to watch every week. What the hell happened? Bring it back or put it on another affiliate. I am so disappointed.
06/02/18 at 07:56pm

This was one of the best shows you cancel great shows and put stupid shows in place of them This show showed about how much a teacher cared enough to show the real world Always looked forward to watch such a important show inside of reality
Bad Move
06/02/18 at 01:44am

I already posted a long comment under the cancellation article and unfortunately forgot one more suggestion that I felt was important,

This show is critically acclaimed! At least that’s my understanding. I still think something was wrong and I think it didn’t get the time it needed. However, I’m sure it definitely did well enough for a Friday night show. So why can’t you put it on that night? Doesn’t anyone have a thought that maybe the night and time or the fact that it came in the middle of the season, have any issue with its viewership. Why didn’t you schedule this in the beginning of the season after This Is Us for the whole season. Like I said, at least you can move it to Friday because maybe you have a successful show for Friday nights. Look how well CBS is doing with their Friday night lineup. Please just get a clue!
05/31/18 at 05:29pm

Are those shows that actually show something current, something sometimes is hidden, like in this case morality of us as adults and protection to our children, who sometimes know much more than ourselves, that get cancelled, but the Kardashians or those really idiotic Reality TV shows get 100 seasons, Go figure!
05/23/18 at 07:08pm

This was a really great show it reminded me a little bit of glee and the Broadway show Bare. I found it so hard that they took the show off. This show had more realization and most shows ever it was about loyalty friendship compassion hatred it was about peoples lives who had turmoil that kids did not know how to fix. They did spring awakening which was almost just like the lives that these kids were living. I don’t understand it I really like to show it showed the realization of what it’s like or what it could be like in the small town I hope one day they bring it back made a big mistake

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