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Jun 03, 2018 - May 28, 2023








Logan - Brian CoxMarcia - Hiam AbbassKendall - Jeremy StrongRoman - Kieran CulkinShiv - Sarah SnookConnor - Alan RuckGreg - Nicholas BraunTom - Matthew MacfadyenRava - Natalie GoldFrank - Peter Friedman

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A drama following a New York media family fighting for control of their father's business.

Logan Roy is the powerful, but aging, head of Waystar Royco, one of the world's largest media and entertainment conglomerates. The family-run business is controlled by Logan and his four children.

As the aging patriarch begins to step back from the company, a power struggle erupts between him and his eldest son, and between the rest of the siblings themselves. The resulting feud tests their ability to separate business from family loyalties.

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10/23/21 at 10:20pm

I love this show. The actors are good at playing the persons they are depicting. Ala Randolph Hurst or John Paul Getty legacy.
09/23/19 at 10:41pm

Great show. Would be so much better without the continual, repetitive, predictable, disgusting and off-putting sexual crudities. Seems no one can go a whole three sentences without some vile imagery. Roman, in particular, is written too intensely in this regard. Come on, writers, try something wittier. The members of this family should be educated, sophisticated, and capable of higher quality thought processes. Sure, some is in order, where tensions are uber-high, but it's like hot sauce. Some is spicy. Too much is unpalatable. It'd also be nice if the characters could finish whole sentences without all the stuttering, broken verbalisations. Only Kendall seems to fit the lifestyle. And the only reason I watch. Hopefully the writing will stop what seems to be an expression of adherence to some advice received in writing school, and fall in line with the real world. There's so much to be explored here, great stories and characters and amazing acting. Please! drop the endless filth.
03/06/19 at 03:16pm

I love this show!
06/03/18 at 06:28pm

I think it's a fictionalized version of Fox and the Murdoch family, not a ripoff of "Empire".
05/21/18 at 07:22am

This looks like a ripoff of Empire. Crap, even HBO can’t even come up with something new and original anymore.

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