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Oct 14, 2018 - Jan 05, 2019








Host - Alec Baldwin

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A talk show featuring the titular entertainer sitting down with notable guests.

Actor, entertainer, and conversationalist Alec Baldwin sits down with various celebrities and cultural figures to have candid, intimate one-on-one talks that explore their personal stories and other timely topics.

Comments (15)

01/29/20 at 11:21pm

Not much of a surprise here! Are you a Twitter followers of Alex? He loves himself. And we are so very interested in his political views! As an actor I am sure he would make an excellent politician!
03/09/19 at 07:41am

No worries Alex! You are a survivor. There's always room for you on 'Murphy Brown'! Oh...Wait... (Sarcasm)
leon just jr
01/12/19 at 05:27pm

ABC NY IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF PUSSYS! You wouldn't know a good show if it bit you in the ass! Let's face it, today everybody on T V seems to be gay and if you make an honest comment about it you loose your job. THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA ANYMORE. Ask any heterosexual. If you take it in the ass you can be a top newscaster but don't EVER make a comment about it while on air. I'm part of the heterosexual minority. One of the major networks should be an all gay-rainbow-lesbian network. I'm sure advertisers would flock to the new format. Yea, sure.
Lou Israel
11/16/18 at 11:48am

Does this mean they will recast the host for Match Game? He is fantastic in that role!
11/13/18 at 12:18pm

It took longer than expected but it was canceled. Of course how long would it have gone on if he had not gotten arrested?
11/13/18 at 10:00am

A bunch of conservative crybabies on here. It's pathetic, you hate your lives and your obviously treasonous choice of president that you have to attack one of the most beloved celebrities in the country. And to the troglodyte named Zack, The Connors is doing just fine with an average viewership of 9 million per episode. When will you morons get it into your tiny brains that YOU ARE NOT THE MAJORITY.
11/02/18 at 11:15pm

Jackass gets arrested, yet ABC doesn't cancel his show... Roseanne writes something on Twitter, and IMMEDIATLY cancel her show. ABC you are a bunch of liberal hacks. Punishment should be the same across the board. And also this show is straight GARBAGE anyways... Oh by the way how is "The Conners" doing in the ratings. Bunch of morons.
10/24/18 at 03:04pm

I heard ABC was doing poorly but scraping the bottom of the barrel to put this turd on TV says they are total devoid of any talent to put on air.
Show should be canceled swiftly.
Donovan A Ness
10/15/18 at 06:30pm

I'm betting 100 to 1 he won't finish October .
Laura Fox
10/15/18 at 05:19am

What is wrong with ABC?? This was disgusting calling for the over throw of the government.

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