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Jan 07, 2018 - Present






Brandon - Jason MitchellRonnie - Ntare Guma Mbaho MwineEmmett - Jacob LatimoreKevin - Alex HibbertJada - Yolonda RossJerrika - Tiffany BooneDet. Cruz - Armando Riesco

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A drama following an interconnected group of working-class African-Americans.

This coming-of-age story focuses on residents within a community of Chicago's south side who become linked by coincidence but are bonded by the need for connection and redemption.

Typical days find children heading off to school while their parents go to work, with young adults trying to get by and elders observing the goings-on from their front porches.

But in a neighborhood this tough there is real and constant danger, meaning even the simplest decisions can have life or death consequences.

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01/18/18 at 12:24pm

Like it. Kind of a spin-off of The Wire
01/07/18 at 08:19am

Great, another show about the dirty city of Chicago.

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