The Cool Kids

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Sep 28, 2018 - May 10, 2019








Hank - David Alan GrierCharlie - Martin MullSid - Leslie JordanMargaret - Vicki Lawrence

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A comedy following the hijinks of three retirement community friends.

Hank, Charlie, and Sid are a rag-tag trio of friends living in a retirement community. And because of their advanced age, they are willing to break any and every rule to have a bit of fun.

The leader of the group is Hank, a rough and opinionated fellow who loves to have a good time. His friend Charlie is a bumbling storyteller known to go off on tangents about some hard-to-believe episode from his past. And Sid is a pill-popping hypochondriac who tries to distance himself from his pals' schemes, but still gets roped in.

Uniting them is their shared belief that they're not done yet, and together they're going to make the third act of their lives the craziest one yet.

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02/13/19 at 02:27pm

Throughly enjoy watching The Cool Kids on Fox. I can relate on several levels and find the humor and interaction of the four characters golden! Certainly hope this gem of a show is not cancelled......PLEASE!
02/12/19 at 09:10am

I wasn't too impressed when I watched the first episode. But then I recently binged it and it is a gem!!! I love the characters and their every day issues are so funny because they're real! I sure hope Fox renews it.
Sara Lee
01/31/19 at 04:56pm

I hope "The Cool Kids" TV show wasn't canceled. I love it. There are no shows that is as funny. The characters were wonderful. Please, stay on the air. I looked forward to seeing the episodes.
12/15/18 at 01:32pm

I love this show very much it bring back the Golden Girls for me. so please keep giving the cast GREAT STORY LINES AND SOME TOP STARS as Kids,Grandchildren and Old Friends from
their past.
11/25/18 at 06:35pm

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Even got my hubby into it too!
10/23/18 at 07:39am

I love this show I love Leslie Jordan and Vicki Lawrence those 2 are my favorites. Fridays don't come fast enough
10/18/18 at 06:23am

I loved the pilot, but the 2nd episode wasn't as good. The laugh track was starting to annoy me. I was thrilled to see Jamie Farr in the pilot and hope to see more of him with the rest of the awesome cast. I have seen complaints about David Alan Grier (and others) being to young for his part which completely baffles me given the great job Estelle Getty did in The Golden Girls. Without the internet, I don't think people even realized she was younger than Bea Arthur for several years! It is called acting after all.
10/07/18 at 10:25pm

3 1/2 stars.
10/02/18 at 08:09am

Pilot episode was disappointing. I thought it was very flat, and not as funny as anticipated. I will likely give it one more episode as pilots are often the worst.
sharon clore
10/01/18 at 09:28am

Good light hearted comedy. Will definitely watch.

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