The Crossing

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Apr 02, 2018 - Jul 02, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi




Jude - Steve ZahnReece - Natalie MartinezEmma - Sandrine HoltSophie - Georgina HaigMarshall - Tommy BastowPaul - Rob CampbellNestor - Rick GomezCaleb - Marcuis W. HarrisRoy - Grant HarveyCraig - Jay KarnesRebecca - Simone KessellHannah - Kelley MissalBryce - Luc RoderiqueLeah - Bailey Skodje

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A sci-fi drama following a group of refugees from the future who seek asylum in a small town.

In Port Canaan, Oregon, Jude Ellis has just become Sheriff after relocating to the small fishing town to leave the big city behind. But his plans of a quiet life are disrupted when 47 refugees from a war-torn country wash up on his beach seeking asylum. The thing is, they're actually from America and the war they're running from is 180 years in the future.

As the Department of Homeland Security seeks to make sense of the mysterious migration, Jude launches his own investigation with the help of his loyal Sheriff's Deputy. It also becomes clear that some of the Feds seem to know more about what's happening than they are letting on.

One thing becomes certain as the mystery deepens, and it is that both the townspeople's lives, and the lives of the newcomers, will never be the same.

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Just Someone
10/02/18 at 12:01pm

this is why I don't watch shows until they're 3 or 4 or even 5 seasons in then I binge them to catch up. I got sucked into Under the Dome and watched it and it was cancelled. (at least it was sort of wrapped up). 666 Park Ave was another one. that was sort of wrapped up. Then... the one that began w/ a R... Resurrection.. that was cancelled in season 2 I think. or not even. The Family... cancelled... I never even started watching this one. I knew it would get cancelled. I've been watching youtube more and more. I sub to so many now. No commericals and great stuff. Tv is dying a slow painful death.. or a quick easy death.... shows cancelled week after week, so many shows, all the same premise.. hour long shows have only 30-35 min. of content because of commercials. 30 min. shows are 15-20 min. long. How long before an hour show is 15 min long?
General Hospital started on the radio in 1963 and was 30 min long. NO COMMERCIALS. Fast Forward 55 years and it's STILL 30 min. long with 30 MINUTES of commercials. There's no progress. We're going backwards.
09/24/18 at 11:18am

Yet another really good show Cancelled. THIS is the reason that so many viewers are leaving network TV. You cancel Great New shows and provide Rehashed Junk, you are so disconnected from your audience.
09/16/18 at 02:15pm

Yes, of course the show was cancelled ! Why would we think otherwise ? Whenever a new show comes on that requires listening and god for bid thinking it gets canned . Why aren’t any of those lame bogus “reality” shows cancelled ? Probably because of all the brain dead followers that would rather just thinking involved . Bottom line guys.. it all about the $$
not the entertainment
06/25/18 at 04:32pm

If you are going to always cancel pilots you should plan on putting an ending of some form as to what happens and not leaving the viewers up in the air.
06/22/18 at 02:05pm

LOVED this show !!!! I can't believe you cancelled it, VERY upset !!
Frank M
06/21/18 at 12:35pm

Network TV is pretty bad at all 3 major networks. And when a new show that viewers like comes on, like this one, the network execs pull the plug for some unknown reason. Just drives us to Netflix and Amazon, or watch reruns.
06/16/18 at 11:43pm

I would agree with the comments, never have seen such obvious disregard for what truly appeals to the majority of the public. Instead, we see vapid, pedestrian shows that apparently only appeal to the executives that are determining the what will be aired. Really disconnected.
06/16/18 at 09:58pm

I just don't understand why u people continue to cancel such terrific shows on your Network.. Did someone fall asleep at the wheel or WHAT?
I give up on you people I hope u all....
06/16/18 at 09:34pm

Good show, good acting. I hope another network picks it up.
michael dobey
06/12/18 at 12:39pm

This show at least aired the last two episodes. We never saw the remaining episodes of "time after time' and 'powerless' . So at least we had that, it was a good show though. Well done and thought out with good acting. We all hope someone will save it. but...

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