The Good Cop

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Sep 21, 2018




Drama / Comedy




Tony Sr. - Tony DanzaTony Jr. - Josh GrobanCara - Monica BarbaroBurl - Isiah Whitlock Jr.

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A dramedy following an honest NYPD officer who gets help with his career from his unscrupulous ex-cop father.

Tony Caruso Sr. and Jr. are father and son cops, though Tony Sr. has retired following a history ongoing violations of departmental policy. Tony Jr., on the other hand, is honest to a fault and always follows police procedures.

As a way to help his son be the best officer he can be, Tony Sr. becomes his unofficial partner, offering street-wise advice on everything from handling suspects to handling women.

Comments (7)

03/06/19 at 03:13pm

Tony Danza and Josh Groban make a great father-son pair. I hoped this would be renewed.
12/27/18 at 06:47pm

Good Cop was a good show. Funny with great acting
Also very clever. So upset it’s canceled. Wish it could be picked up
12/08/18 at 10:27pm

The Good Cop is the American version of Midsommer Murders: quirky characters, setting and plots. A ton of fun, even witty at times. So sorry it was cancelled.
Sally Boomer
11/24/18 at 02:02pm

Why do they cancel all the best shows this was great
Robert Wagner (really)
09/23/18 at 09:17pm

Good banter. My type of show. Characters a bit lame, but would enjoy watching more. My wife is still alive
09/21/18 at 12:08pm

GOOD NEWS!!! New megastore comedy "The Good Goods" coming soon to a streaming service that charges too much.
08/01/18 at 11:38am

The Good Wife, The Good Doctor, The Good Place, The Good Witch,The Good Fight and now The Good Cop.

Good God put an end to it.

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