The Kids Are Alright

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Oct 16, 2018 - May 21, 2019








Mike - Michael CudlitzPeggy - Mary McCormackLawrence - Sam StraleyEddie - Caleb Martin FooteFrank - Sawyer BarthJoey - Christopher Paul RichardsTimmy - Jack GoreWilliam - Andy WalkenPat - Santino Barnard

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A comedy following a traditional Irish-Catholic family in the 1970s.

The Clearys are a traditional 1970s working-class Irish-Catholic family. Parents Mike and Peggy are raising eight boys who spend most of their days with little supervision. There are 10 people under one roof sharing three bedrooms and one bathroom, so it's everyone for themselves.

Comments (22)

randy f
05/17/19 at 07:13am

I loved this show and am so disappointed. You leave crap on the air and cancel the good ones. My husband and I both loved it.
05/16/19 at 07:28pm

I love this show, I can't wait to see the next season after it gets uncanceled. You definitely need to have lived it to get it.
05/14/19 at 08:15am

Lame. Another great show bites the ABC
05/12/19 at 05:03pm

This really angers me!!! This was a GREAT new show with so much potential!! They should have at least given it a second season!!!
Kerry H.
05/10/19 at 06:19pm

Why did this show get cancelled? It was very funny and clever. I don't usually like sitcoms, but I looked forward to watching this every week. Netflix, please pick this one up for a second season!
62 year old viewer
05/06/19 at 11:56am

I think that this show should be renewed, you had to live this life to get this show born 1950 to 1965 and you will see the great coverage of the issues of the times, they keep dishing up funny ideas and concepts that actual existed in the early 70s, if you weren't there it will go right over your head
lisanne casalinuovo
01/10/19 at 02:17pm

Really love this show, hope they don't cancel. Seems every clean show gets cut.
12/13/18 at 10:18pm

Holy mother of God this show is hilarious! The actors are perfect - kudos to the casting crew - and the writing is top shelf. I hope this show lasts a long time!!!
12/07/18 at 10:30pm

One of the funniest shows in television. The dialogue is quick, the characters are hilarious. Laugh out loud funny.
10/31/18 at 02:50am

I tried giving this show a few episodes to see if it grew on me. That’s a big negative This show is atrocious... cancel it quick. An return Michael Cudlitz to The Walking Dead.

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