The Kids Are Alright

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Oct 16, 2018 - May 21, 2019








Mike - Michael CudlitzPeggy - Mary McCormackLawrence - Sam StraleyEddie - Caleb Martin FooteFrank - Sawyer BarthJoey - Christopher Paul RichardsTimmy - Jack GoreWilliam - Andy WalkenPat - Santino Barnard

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A comedy following a traditional Irish-Catholic family in the 1970s.

The Clearys are a traditional 1970s working-class Irish-Catholic family. Parents Mike and Peggy are raising eight boys who spend most of their days with little supervision. There are 10 people under one roof sharing three bedrooms and one bathroom, so it's everyone for themselves.

Comments (22)

10/12/19 at 08:08am

I don't get it, dumb show after dumb show gets picked up, but you get a well thought out,trully funny show and it gets canceled, Netflix needs to pick this up,
06/21/19 at 01:28pm

You Suck ABC, bring it back
05/29/19 at 04:16pm

Are you kidding me? It took so long for one of the major networks to come out with a TRULY FUNNY comedy and ABC was finally the winner with with this one!! Hoping our comments matter & that they'll reconsider.
TV Fan
05/23/19 at 01:19pm


I too love this show and all the characters. I agree that it does a great job of representing this era in a realistic way much like I remember things being in the 70s.

I would very much like to see the sitcom return next season as it was one of only a very few new shows this season to really capture my interest. I find it frustrating when good shows that can be enjoyed by many viewers are cancelled to make way for shows that are characterized, scripted, and marketed to appease only the certain sector(s) of the viewing population that the broadcasting companies believe will make their network(s) appear more politically correct and/or of greater social awareness.
However, the reference to Hillary Clinton fails to support the argument because Hillary actually did win the vote of the population as a whole but lost the election because of the electoral college vote distribution; which made me feel like some votes, including mine, just didn't count. Just as I feel that my like, and the like of others, for this TV show just doesn't count either because the network has decided the viewers as a whole don't matter, and only the opinions of certain sectors of the viewer population should be of concern to them.
05/22/19 at 09:22am

absolutely accurate and very pc from what it was like at least for me I love the show and how the characters work with one another however ABC like in the past dose not know the difference from night or day or up from down, they have now idea on how to run a broadcasting company. Altho I voted for Hillary Clinton, the direction ABC is going (more dominate female television programming)
as this country has proven
they like Hilary Clinton will lose...
05/22/19 at 06:08am

My wife and I looked forward to this show every week. It was good clean fun and funny. I can't understand why it was cancelled.
05/21/19 at 08:06pm

I hope this show gets picked up by another network. It is a great show!!
05/21/19 at 08:04pm

Why why would you cancel this show? It was a clean, funny show in which it show family values.
05/17/19 at 11:39pm

I am surprised this show was cancelled. It was funny and we liked the retro style. The mom was sadistically hilarious. So reminiscent of 1970’s living.
05/17/19 at 03:24pm

Loved this show. It really sucks that they kill off the good clean shows and leave the crap on!!

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