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Aug 07, 2019 - Sep 11, 2019




Drama / Comedy




Shannen - Shannen DohertyJason - Jason PriestleyJennie - Jennie GarthTori - Tori SpellingIan - Ian ZieringGabrielle - Gabrielle CarterisBrian - Brian Austin GreenCamille - Vanessa LacheyShay - La La AnthonyNate - Ivan Sergei

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An spin-off of the 1990s series "Beverly Hills, 90210".

It has been almost 20 years since the iconic "Beverly Hills, 90210" television series ended. Having long-ago gone their separate ways, the cast members decide to reunite when it is suggested that it may be time for a reboot of the beloved show.

But turning an idea into a reality may prove to be more difficult than anyone expected. See what happens when these friends (and frenemies) try to get on the same page and attempt to continue where they left off two decades ago.

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Just Someone
04/14/20 at 07:33pm

I was a huge 90210 fan even tho I was 20-30 when it aired.
(Forever a Dylan fan! RIP).
But this was JUST HORRID.
I watched half of the first episode and that was it.
10/16/19 at 04:39am

Really enjoy the whole story line - love to the whole gang and new comers. Hopefully there’s a season 3
09/22/19 at 05:23pm

I didn't think I would like it but it turned out to be very good. Fingers crossed it returns.
09/12/19 at 01:22pm

Love this show. Must return! I think it's great nostalgia!
09/07/19 at 04:05pm

Loving the reboot- love story line and all the cast. Hope see where the story goes
09/07/19 at 02:37pm

I want to hate it cuz it's so dumb. But it's hilarious. I love it it's so ridiculously over-the-top.
Perfect! please keep it coming!
08/29/19 at 03:45pm

I was a huge 90210 fan in middle school so I really wanted to give this a chance. I hated the 1st episode didnt really get it but kept watching and by the end of episode 2 I understand where they were taking this show. I agree with Renee it's pretty funny and nice to see the old cast together. You just have to realize it's about the cast in semi real life getting together to film a reboot kinda like a spoof and making funny of themselves. Its actually pretty brilliant but with that being said I dont really care if it gets picked up for another season or not.
08/23/19 at 06:30am

Sorry guys..... I am LOVIN this. It’s funny and I love how they r making it a behind the scenes look. Unlike Will & Grace. Trying to step in after so many years. And let’s not forget to mention that was just a front for political issues. I hope the network gives it a chance
karolyne smith
08/09/19 at 08:49pm

This is the cringiest thing I have even seen, If the point was to finish off what little bit of the career that they may have still had, well then they just pulled that off.Saddest thing I have ever watched. RIP 1990's 90210
The Punisher
08/07/19 at 03:00am

this is the 3rd time, stop already....

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