Bluff City Law

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Sep 23, 2019 - Nov 25, 2019




Drama / Legal




Elijah - Jimmy SmitsSydney - Caitlin McGee

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A drama following lawyers at an elite Memphis firm specializing in civil rights cases.

Sydney Strait is a brilliant Memphis lawyer who left her father's famous firm due to their tumultuous relationship.

But after years of barely speaking to each other, Sydney is thrust back into the family fold when her mother suddenly dies.

When her father then asks Sydney to rejoin his firm, she puts aside her lingering resentment and distrust so that she can work at the firm she knows can affect real change.

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11/12/19 at 07:39pm

This is a great show. Why are you cancelling it NBC? I work in the criminal legal field and love watching the drama mixed with personal relations. It’s so true. No wonder more people are going to Netflix. Nothing left on NBC.
Sherry Farmer
11/12/19 at 09:35am

I don't think alot of people know the show is being cancelled. Otherwise you would have a lot more feedback here and elsewhere. This is a good show, people do want to see it. NBC you are making a mistake.
Parish J
11/06/19 at 11:33pm

It was nice seeing Jimmy Smitts back on TV, sad to say that others didn’t see it like I did!
10/28/19 at 10:27pm

Today a 12 year sued the government for global warming. Apparently the producers haven't watched (and who could blame them) Madam Secretary more commonly referred to as Madam Global Warming. It's no wonder the show wasn't renewed. No original ideas, subpar acting and continuing to push a political agenda. Join the scrap heap with the other shows that failed with the same formula. Good bye so long. Won't be missed.
carole weber
10/28/19 at 07:30pm

this is a great show & should not be cancelled.
10/21/19 at 11:53pm

This is a great show and NBC doesn't have to many good ones. Should ignore the stupid ratings which mean nothing anyway. NBC needs to reconsider
This is great show and NBC doesn't have t
10/21/19 at 11:51pm

This is a great show and NBC doesn't have to many. Why get rid of a good thing. Forget the darn ratings . They mean nothing anyway. Big mistake NBC should reconsider.
10/15/19 at 11:21am

Please keep this one for more than one season! I love Jimmy Smits and the rest. I just don’t know how any network show survives more than one season when streaming gives u the whole season at one time☘️
10/08/19 at 08:30am

I love this show. I hope people give it a chance. The second show was even better than the first show. It makes me sad, sometimes people watch only once and those stick around for a few more shows. I like the characters.
10/07/19 at 06:21pm

Shows promise.... 3 stars

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