Carnival Row

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Aug 30, 2019 - Mar 17, 2023


Drama / Fantasy




Rycroft - Orlando BloomVignette - Cara DelevingneAgreus - David GyasiImogen - Tamzin MerchantEzra - Andrew GowerTourmaline - Karla CromeJonah - Arty FroushanSophie - Caroline FordPiety - Indira VarmaAbsalom - Jared HarrisRunyan - Simon McBurney

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A fantasy drama set in a world with mythological immigrant creatures that are feared by humans.

In a Victorian fantasy world, mythological immigrant creatures who have fled their war-torn homeland have arrived in the city. Tensions rise between the humans and the growing creature population, which is feared and forbidden to live or fly with freedom.

The fragile peace breaks down when a string of murders reveals a monster that nobody could imagine. But in darkness there lies hope, as a human detective and a faerie rekindle a dangerous affair.

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12/02/21 at 03:40am

Going to be difficult to do, since all the main cast have signed on to other series as regulars.
Ellen Hlubina
05/14/20 at 05:32pm

love love love this show
09/06/19 at 09:23am

This is a propaganda piece for illegal alien supporters.

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