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Sep 24, 2019 - Jan 28, 2020








Jo - Allison TolmanPiper - Alexa SwintonBree - Ashley AufderheideEd - Clancy BrownAlex - Donald FaisonBenny - Owain YeomanChris - Robert Bailey Jr.Abby - Zabryna Guevara

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A drama following a police chief who investigates the case of a young child found near a mysterious accident site.

Jo Evans is a recently-divorced police chief who takes in a mysterious young girl she finds near the site of a mysterious accident.

With the child having no memory of what happened to her, the resulting investigation draws Jo into a conspiracy that runs deeper than she could have imagined.

Jo is now determined to protect the child from those who want her, realizing that her true identity could be the key to everything.

Comments (25)

11/14/21 at 06:24am

How could you not know this show would get canceled? If it’s on ABC or NBC, cancellation is their middle name.
12/28/20 at 08:05am

Who decides who gets cancelled. This was a great show. Every show I found quite entertaining has been cancelled. Do you ever ask the viewers?
Anne Graham
12/04/20 at 12:32pm

Gutted this show is cancelled. Who decides these things,and on what basis? So disappointed.
09/21/20 at 12:26pm

For the last 2 days, I watched all the episodes on HULU because they would be expired on Monday and sure enough today they were. I was hooked and so sad to see it cancelled which ABC is great for that. This is a series that SYFY should pick up.
07/10/20 at 01:10pm

Another good show gone. Now I will never know what happens. Good way to leave us hanging.
Just Someone
06/05/20 at 11:08pm

I was behind on this show so looks like I don't have to watch it now. Not going to watch a show that is cancelled and leaves me hanging.
Roy Knepper
05/21/20 at 03:37pm

The little girl was mesmerizing. The plot got murky.
05/18/20 at 07:04pm

I just saw the ABC scorecard for the 2020-2021 season and it said this show was canceled. :(
04/23/20 at 09:35pm

Ok i just want a decision on its status... First season is being held hostage on my dvr. I guess I could hulu it to save 13 HD hours of space!!! If I was able to rec it in the lower quality (not avalible with the genie dvr) i would have more patience. Also don't want to get interested in anther show, only to see it get canceled!!! Please decide ABC!!!
03/28/20 at 03:42pm

Please renew this show. I didn't watch at first, but I caught up quickly!

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