Grand Hotel

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Jun 17, 2019 - Sep 09, 2019








Santiago - Demian BichirGigi - Roselyn SanchezAlicia - Denyse TontzJavi - Bryan CraigHelen - Wendy Raquel RobinsonDanny - Lincoln YounesMateo - Shalim OrtizIngrid - Anne WintersJason - Chris Warren

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A drama set at the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach.

Santiago Mendoza is the charismatic owner of the Riviera Grand Hotel in Miami Beach. The five-star establishment has allowed his glamorous second wife and their adult children of enjoy a life of luxury.

But as wealthy and beautiful guests come and go from the picture perfect hotel, growing debt, sordid scandals, and shocking secrets keep the owners and staff plenty busy behind the scenes.

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Bonnie Wilgus
05/05/20 at 05:03pm

How can you cancel such a great show with a great cast - ABC?! Even my husband enjoyed watching it with me! I hope one of the many channel possibilities will pick this show up ... it is a winner ... the writers can go anywhere with it!!
04/19/20 at 10:40pm

I hope this show gets picked up from another network. I looked forward to watching it every week.
10/03/19 at 03:57am

Well I found this show extremely boring, was never an episode that left me going wow that was a good episode, I kept watching cause sometimes shows like this can surprise you and get you hooked by the finale but this one just never did.
09/28/19 at 07:06pm

Just binged watched the last 3 episodes. So entertaining! I can’t wait to see what happens next season.
Linda Raymond
09/16/19 at 06:49am

I just heard the show was canceled. Please don’t let it be true I enjoyed the show tremendously.
09/12/19 at 08:33pm

Please put this show out of its (and our) misery. It's a shame a whole season was spoiled by a clearly rushed and poorly thought out and poorly acted finale. Who cares who shot Santiago...
09/12/19 at 03:48am

I really enjoyed this summer show. Does anyone know if it was renewed for next year? Hoping it was ...
09/11/19 at 03:36pm

Hoping for a renewal because this is a great nighttime drama! Fingers crossed in the time of reality tv crap.
09/11/19 at 08:18am

Great show for the summer, or anytime of year !! Can't wait to see what happens next !! PLEASE RENEW !!
Paul levine
09/10/19 at 05:21pm

Great weight and the Finale. Who shot Santiago a lot of people could be to hit man could be his wife to wife's ex husband Danny to wait up to woman and personnel or just a guest or find out next year hope to get rid old great drama action

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