Holey Moley

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Jun 20, 2019 - Jul 12, 2022






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A competition series featuring an extreme version of miniature golf.

This competition puts a twist on the game of mini-golf, with contestants of all ages facing off in challenges on a larger-than-life course featuring uniquely themed holes.

Three rounds are played in each episode, with three finalists moving on to Mt. Holey Moley, which will determine which of them goes home with the $25,000 grand prize.

Comments (8)

Just Keith
05/03/22 at 06:30am

What's next?
Two white guys playing catch?
04/30/22 at 01:13am

I have watched four times. I think this show is cheap to produce and should be on GSN or TNT where it can florish in mediocrity.
07/14/20 at 06:08pm

I'm not a big fan of Stephen Curry and have to say, now in season 2, as the supposed benefactor of the show, the fact that he's so arrogant that he can't even put in the time for personal appearances bc with the peons that are keeping his show alive. Loser. If it weren't for the commentators this show wouldn't be worth it at all.
Teddy L.
09/07/19 at 06:15pm

The two commentators are the high-lite of the show!
Trey Smith
08/26/19 at 11:58pm

It would be great to have more than 5 courses...Lack of interest
08/22/19 at 05:48pm

Rob is the only reason to watch
06/15/19 at 10:10am

Hard pass. People getting knocked around by moving objects is not at all entertaining at all to me.
06/02/19 at 09:38pm

How do we get on this show?

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