Mental Samurai

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Mar 19, 2019 - Jul 20, 2021






Host - Rob Lowe

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A competition series where contestants push their mental agility to the limit.

Rob Lowe hosts this competition series where contestants from all walks of life must correctly answer questions using speed and precision.

This obstacle course for the mind tests their mental acumen in categories of knowledge, memory, numbers, and sequencing, but with the addition of being transported around at high speeds in a capsule that rotates 360 degrees.

Underdogs will triumph, egos will be crushed, and champions will emerge in the ultimate display of intelligence, skill, focus, and stamina.

Comments (3)

04/17/19 at 09:27pm

A one of a kind of game show! The contestants are intriguing and have great stories, and having the two different levels to the game where you can win some money and then the grand prize by answering up to 4 more questions in the “Circle of Samurai”makes for a very interesting original concept that’s really never existed in any other game show! In addition, the device that contestants sit in that basically puts them on a roller coaster ride LITERALLY from question to question is something that is very original! Rob Lowe adds a nice touch as the host:) TV needs a show like this and it should only get better! Do NOT cancel this show FOX!
03/29/19 at 12:31pm

I don't care who hosts this, I like it. :)
03/16/19 at 01:58pm

Hard pass! I prefer Lowe as an actor and hope he lands a guest appearance on another show.

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