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Jul 16, 2019 - Dec 13, 2020


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




Jax - Priscilla QuintanaXander - Oliver DenchAtria - Raechelle BannoGreg - John Harlan KimRalen - Ben RadcliffeDelaney - Banita SandhuThomas - Martin Bobb-SempleDonovan - Noah Huntley

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A sci-fi drama following a mysterious woman who arrives on Earth and helps defend the galaxy from threats.

In the year 2199, a resourceful young woman who has lost everything finds a new purpose at Earth's Space Training Academy, where she learns to defend the galaxy from alien and human threats.

When secrets about the nature of her identity come to light, she must uncover the truth and decide whether she will be humanity’s savior or the instrument of its destruction.

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03/29/22 at 06:08pm

I stopped watching after season 1. The idea is great but the writers are producing teen drama. There are 100 shows like that so why this one? Every episode someone's feelings are hurt. Tiresome.
03/22/21 at 01:44pm

Season 2 was very solid and improved in every manner. I liked season one but kudos to the show for evolving. rip ben cross too.
01/15/21 at 05:37am

Just Keith might want to cut back on the Kool Aide, Yes the show is lame but its far from pushing any agenda. Think you might have isolated yourself a little to long, time to step outside.
01/07/21 at 11:29am

Update to my 10/10/20 comment: I'm sorry PANDORA series, I later stopped watching the show and I'm no longer following the series and I'm just no longer interested in the characters or story.
Just Keith
11/19/20 at 06:03am

Now that I've seen a few episodes...
What a load of libbie millennial shtako. These kids are clueless. The acting is poor. The characters are one-dimensional. And for attending a space academy, they sure have a lot of free time to go gallivanting off to other planets, etc.
The writers live in some impossible utopia. The episodes are derivative and boring, and serve as a straw man to push the libbie agenda. Corporations are evil, religion is evil, the military and history are a lie, everything so far is free, and what the heck... the "leader" character is a "professor" ?!?!

Frankly "Other Space" is better.
10/10/20 at 12:00pm

I find the lead character incredibly beautiful and will likely keep watching as Season 2 begins. I don't care for any of the other characters or the plot, otherwise. I actually wished the show was cancelled so I wouldn't need to take the time to view it, but there's nothing else much on right now with all the major network programming either delaying or outright cancelling some shows due to Covid-19. As withThe Outpost, I suspect filming in another country is saving CW some money resulting in a net positive, keeping this series alive.
Just Keith
10/04/20 at 10:38am

Never heard of it.
Then again, there's nothing I've found interesting on CW.
I keep trying. They keep repulsing with their commie social just-us.
10/13/19 at 10:45pm

I hope it gets renewed. Like Sir said in his comment, this show started off slow. Relationships were complicated and plot transitions were too abrupt.

But the show got better once it got out of spending too much of its time on the social life at the academy. It actually became interesting.
10/12/19 at 06:34am

Finished the season and love this show. It was slow to start, but got better and ended strong. If you are a true sci-fi lover, you'll find the story entertaining and full of possibility.
Vicki P.
08/09/19 at 06:56am

The trailer looked great, but I lost interest 10 min in... this will be cancelled.

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