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Jul 17, 2019 - Sep 18, 2019


Drama / Legal




Jessica - Gina TorresKeri - Bethany Joy LenzBobby - Morgan SpectorAngela - Chantel RileyYoli - Isabel ArraizaDerrick - Eli Goree

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A spin-off of 'Suits' following a disbarred lawyer's move into Chicago politics.

Jessica Pearson is a recently-disbarred powerhouse lawyer who is learning to adjust to a big change in her life as she moves into the dirty Chicago politics scene.

After being named as Mayor Bobby Novak's fixer, Jessica becomes entangled in a dangerous new world where the consequences for every action are very real. As she navigates this new territory, her desire to win conflicts with her nature to do what is right.

Comments (9)

12/04/19 at 05:10am

This was my least favorite character on Suits so it comes as no surprise it didn't survive.
10/08/19 at 07:36am

This show gave me a headache. Can't writers come up with anything new? I did enjoy Suits for the first couple of years, but the last few years it was all about whose name was going on or coming off the sign.

And the New Fall Shows - there is one that I am hopeful for - Emergence.
the doctor
09/20/19 at 00:06am

Had problems staying awake for this. Unfortunately it is pretty boring.
Dianne Cain
09/12/19 at 06:49pm

I like it
08/23/19 at 04:48am

This show is gonna be cancelled, I love Jessica Pearson, but this show is too dull and nothing like suits, or even close too, the characters are flawed in a non interesting way.
08/01/19 at 07:05am

She may have been tolerable as a supporting character but I doubt the masses are willing to watch an hour long show about a self empowered African American woman talking down to people. Good on USA for giving it a shot, but the Plopster doesn't see this show being a winner.
Couch Potato
07/23/19 at 06:48pm

I'm willing to watch a few more episodes. By the looks of it Jessica may need Harvey or Mike on retainer to save this show.
Steve S.
07/17/19 at 04:51am

“dirty Chicago politics” and the mayor’s “fixer” sounds totally made up. City lawyer? Mafia lawyer? I do not care to speak ill of any woman behind her back, but I believe the lady is a lawyer. Hush$
David Yuhnke
07/17/19 at 00:09am

wake me when its over

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