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Mar 15, 2019 - May 07, 2021








Annie - Aidy BryantFran - Lolly AdefopeRyan - Luka JonesAmadi - Ian OwensGabe - John Cameron Mitchell

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A comedy following a woman attempting to change her life without changing her body.

Annie is a full-figured woman looking to change things up in her life. But not her body. She's more interested in earning the respect of her perfectionist boss, finding the right boyfriend, and getting along with her judgemental mother and sick father.

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Jenny from the corner
05/24/21 at 12:15pm

I wanted a show I could relate to and thought this would be it. I liked the first season but admit that I wasn't feeling the second as much. The third had me really questioning Annie and her attitude. She went from being a likable character to someone who came off as entitled and kind of a bully. She would be condescending and rude to people at times and then when they were the same to her, she'd get mad, throw a tantrum and demand respect. I was hoping for some growth and maturity to go along with her acceptance of herself but didn't get it in the end.

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