The Enemy Within

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Feb 25, 2019 - May 20, 2019








Erica - Jennifer CarpenterWill - Morris ChestnutAli - Raza JaffreyJaqueline - Cassandra FreemanKate - Kelli GarnerJason - Noah Mills

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A thriller following an infamous US traitor enlisted to help thwart dangerous acts threatening the country.

Erica Shepherd is a brilliant former CIA operative who became known as the most notorious traitor in American history after betraying her country.

While serving a life sentence in a Supermax prison, Erica is contacted by FBI Agent Will Keaton, who has reluctantly turned to her for help in tracking down a dangerous criminal.

While Erica and Will have different motivations for bringing the enemy to justice, they both know that to catch a spy, they need to think like one.

Comments (18)

09/29/20 at 05:00pm

Ah come on NBC, grow some hair! This was a well written, well Acted show. Please bring it back. I’m trying to support your network but your not making it easy.
I know reality TV shows are cheaper to produce,
But most people hate that mindless fluff.
You are losing loyal fans and this One here, is ready to walk.
09/15/19 at 10:23pm

What is your problem? You guys have a real knack for canceling series that are great. For the first time in a long time you brought a show that just when you thought you knew what was going to happen it would completely throw you for a loop, not like most of the cookie cutter shows on television today. This was one of those shows I couldn’t record and keep all the episodes so I could binge watch later but I had to watched religiously every week, commercials and all. So way to go NBC, maybe you can do something original and bring another reality show. ( just so there’s no confusion that was meant to be sarcastic) Now I see why I watch Stars, HBO, and EPIX. Thank goodness I don’t have to waste my money on your lousy network because if I did it will be the first to go.
Cydney Chamorro
09/06/19 at 12:35pm

Once again NBC fails their viewers!!! I looked forward to this show EVERY week. I should learn to NEVER get hooked on a show airing on NBC as, inevitably, they’ll ax it way too soon.
07/12/19 at 08:55pm

How can a show which scores 4.4 out of 5 be canceled?
Garry B.
06/22/19 at 01:37pm

I really liked this show. One of the few shows I looked forward to.
06/21/19 at 01:23pm

You Suck NBC, bring us a season 2
05/25/19 at 11:29am

I like this show but I think there is no way on this Earth that it is better than The Blacklist! I love me some Blacklist!
05/24/19 at 09:58pm

Good show, but the ending is kind a weak
05/15/19 at 06:54pm

I also hope this show gets a second season
05/14/19 at 00:51am

I hope it gets renewed. I love Jennifer Carpenter in this. Very suited in this role, imo.

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