The Fix

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Mar 18, 2019 - May 20, 2019




Drama / Legal




Maya - Robin TunneySevvy - Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeAndre - Adam RaynerC.J. - Merrin DungeyCharlie - Breckin MeyerRiv - Marc BlucasLoni - Mouzam MakkarEzra - Scott CohenAres - Abraham Lim

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A legal drama following a prosecutor who returns to L.A. to seek justice for an unsolved case.

Maya Travis is a district attorney whose successful career in L.A. suffered a major setback after prosecuting a big-name actor for double murder eight years ago.

Seeking a quieter life, she moved to the pacific northwest; But now another murder has occurred with signs that it was done by the same killer, which draws Maya back to the big city and the DA's office for a chance to finally get her man.

Comments (9)

Jamie Martinez
05/12/19 at 05:55pm

This is a good show. But I thought it was only supposed to run 8 episodes.
04/23/19 at 08:47am

LOVE The Fix. Hope it is renewed for many seasons
Steve S.
03/29/19 at 07:01pm

I do not blame Marcia Clark for the OJ jury’s demented decision, as she does. But I do blame her for this mess. Bravely, I resumed with the second episode although it didn’t take long before I mercy killed it.
03/29/19 at 07:25am

OK she spells her name Marcia, big deal.
03/29/19 at 07:21am

Marsha Clark's rehash of OJ trial with a big Black man as the target of her never ending reliving of failure. Crap show needs to go.
David Wood
03/20/19 at 07:15pm

Might be good as a short series or movie, but I can see this dragging on and on as both sides play their legal games.
Steve S.
03/20/19 at 03:53pm

Yeah, not impressive. I might watch one or two more because at least Robin Tunney is good.
03/19/19 at 08:17pm

The Fix is OUT... of my DVR. Not impressed.
Steve S.
03/18/19 at 03:47pm

Robin is a good actress but wiil the rest be convincing? The Fix may not be in.

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