The Society

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May 10, 2019








Cassandra - Rachel KellerAllie - Kathryn NewtonHarry - Alex FitzalanKelly - Kristine FrosethWill - Jacques ColimonSam - Sean BerdyCampbell - Toby WallaceBecca - Gideon AdlonElle - Olivia DeJongeLuke - Alex MacNicollHelena - Natasha Liu BordizzoGordie - Jose JulianBean - Salena QureshiGrizz - Jack MulhernLexie - Grace Victoria Cox

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A drama following a group of teenagers left to fend for themselves in a replica of their hometown.

A group of teenagers find themselves in trouble when they mysteriously end up in a seemingly-duplicate version of their wealthy hometown in New England.

With no authority figures around, their newfound freedom could be liberating. But with no way to contact their parents, their situation could also be perilously dangerous.

As they all try to get to the bottom of what is happening and how to find their way out, some sort of order must be established if they want to survive.

Comments (5)

08/10/22 at 09:05pm

Nest flic should seriously either bring it back of give it an ending. Especially for the price they are charging for membership. THIS IS REDICULOUS NETFLIX WE ARE PAYING FOR YOUR SERVICES IT IS NOT FREE SO ATLEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO GIVE YOUR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS AN ENDING SERIOUSLY. YOUR SERVICE IS FAR FROM CHEAP, OR INEXPENSIVE....
01/10/21 at 08:00pm

Why does not one person on this show look remotely like a Hugh school student. I get it people in their 20s and 30s play high school students but in this show every one of the “kids” looks late 20s. Throws it into disbelief.
09/25/20 at 02:27am

Gutted as it said, it's official another season is coming. Netflix turning in to ABC in cancelling shows.
Montana to Rice
05/16/19 at 08:54pm

This show is booty. So is SCD
05/10/19 at 09:01am

So Netflix spends all of their money on these sort of shows and cancel great ones like SCD?

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