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Oct 15, 2019 - Dec 17, 2019


Drama / Action




Tara - Tracy IfeachorPetra - Gabrielle ScharnitzkyMatt - Omar MetwallyJ. Randolph - Jeremy IrvineEllen - Michelle ForbesDoug - Brian J. Smith

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An action thriller following the CIA black ops program from the Bourne franchise.

Fans of Jason Bourne are surely familiar with Operation: Treadstone, the CIA black ops program from the hit films. This series explores its origins and connects it to present-day special ops around the globe.

Using a mysterious behavior-modification protocol, Treadstone has the ability to transform recruits from across the world into assassins with superhuman abilities, and then awaken the sleeper agents to resume their dangerous missions.

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02/18/23 at 08:11pm

Amazing show and unbelievable this was canceled, it had no marketing. The is hands down the best show USA has ever put out. Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu should pick this series up and continue it with better marketing and they would have an absolute hit on their hands. Love the multiple story lines and how they all started coming together. The writers, producers, director and casting of the actors absolutely genius! The show is non-stop action with real stunts, nothing computer generated . I don't know of any other series like it or written as well. Needs to continue. 5 stars.
Bob Novak
06/19/20 at 05:18pm

After getting through the series I think I felt like I hated it a lot less than many shows (when you watch and just constantly fuss over how stupid the story decisions are). That being said, it felt a little disconnected and unable to gel enough to give me that 'wow' moment I kept hoping for..

I think the writers got a little to clever in areas where it didn't need to be, and not enough where it should have been.
Steve S.
02/24/20 at 09:29pm

Peter L, I like your comments. I just now finally watched the last two episodes and things improved a little since a little more was tied together, even as more nonsense was introduced. The flashbacks, as usual, are a writers crutch as they make up crap. As I wrote at the beginning, idea of sleeper agents (which isn’t original for Jason Bourne either), becomes stupid when overdone. And it’s way overdone. Nevertheless, I’m likely to start watching season 2 should it continue. It does have action. Nothing lost if it doesn’t continue.
Peter L
01/14/20 at 05:51am

Just finished watching the entire season, yes the flashbacks are stupid, they should have done that and then jumped to the present, but overall id give it a 8/10 compaired to most of the trash on TV now (im in the UK btw and we are full of the US garbage on our tv's) so yes I think it needs a 2nd and maybe 3rd but it also needs Jason to appear (with matt D in the roll) now that would boost the ratings and make it more watchable
Couch Potato
11/23/19 at 08:15pm

Too many flashbacks, too many storylines, too many subtitles, too many inconsistencies, too much waste of my time. Too bad, I had high hopes.
Steve S.
11/10/19 at 10:05pm

After fourth episode, I feel it’s a real mess even though I think it is supposedly based on additional stories written by the Jason Bourne author. (Which may be at least half the problem.) I’m still watching because I am currently watching
almost nothing. Still, I don’t see how it turns around into something decent even though I’d like it to. Drama for the sake of drama seems to be the operating principle.
Steve S.
11/06/19 at 04:49pm

I’ve backed off a little (going back to less positive) after taking in the 3rd episode. Davros’s comments are excellent. The hinges on the many crazy subplot angles are fanciful so it’s like throwing mud against the wall. It’ll stick, probably, but the texture is coarse like chewing tobacco.
11/03/19 at 10:51pm

Editing extremely horrible! Nobody knows what day or year for that matter it is in this show! Fight scenes inconsistent, so called, super human fighter takes on six guys in one scene but can't do anything one on one fight. I've watched 3 episodes and EVERYBODY in the world knows about Treadstone, so much for Top Secret program crap! I think my neighbor is also a Treadstone agent, isn't everyone? Send me a picture and I'll wake up! lmfao
Steve S.
10/23/19 at 05:57pm

Treadstone is a black ops high mileage tire. Not! Still a great name for a tire. I watched first two episodes and it may be at least as good the average Jason Bourne movie (which I thought were good but slightly overrated). There is promise so I hope it holds together, and pulls it together.
Steve S.
10/20/19 at 08:31am

Watched first episode and it’s following the Jason Bourne Again script all too well. Lots of action and mystery, but can it get the feel a of coherent plot or just live off of intensity, hope, and illusion? Remains to be seen.

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