When Hope Calls

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Aug 30, 2019 - Present


GAC Family




Lillian - Morgan KohanGrace - Jocelyn HudonGabriel - Ryan-James HatankaChuck - Greg HovanessianTess - Wendy Crewson

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A spin-off of "When Calls The Heart" following the lives of sisters Lillian and Grace.

Sisters Lillian and Grace open an orphanage together in the 1916 Western town of Brookfield. Among the cattle rancher traditions and the growing town around them, they each search for their own happiness while finding ways to overcome the challenges of helping the children in their care.

Along the way, they discover the meaning of community, acceptance, and love as they create the family they've always wanted.

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03/15/23 at 05:04pm

OK. Although there's no announcement or news, I can only believe the GAC channel and its production of "When Hope Calls" is a goner. S2, turned out to only be a brief tv Christmas movie with no further episodes or series to follow. Jocelyn Hudon never even returned and is likely doing other things. The rest of the cast has either been briefly seen elsewhere or not at all. I actually liked the series and I'm sorry to see it go. I also guess Canadian tv media/news just doesn't push for status or reports from its various tv shows, which can then quietly just disappear. I'm thinking of the 2017 one-season series "Date My Dad" which was never reported upon here and I actually sent a message to the network/channel of which a person at least told me it wasn't returning, now years ago, when I did that. RIP Raquel Welch who was in that DMD series, btw.
01/07/22 at 09:08pm

OK. I'm watching the S2E1 now (late) as I just found out WHC is now on the new network "GAC", which I found I can get/access without additional charges from my various tv/cable/satellite/streaming services to which I already subscribe...:)
It's a bit confusing for me as the related/sister show is still on Hallmark, and some of the characters didn't return or transition to this other network (somewhat controversial/political between Hallmark and GAC which includes Lori Loughlin, btw).
A word on that controversy. This series takes place ~1916. (IMO) All the current mixed race couples and LGBTQ stuff, seen on many other shows/networks probably shouldn't apply to this era anyway or need be seen in every series/movie/episode of everything.
04/26/20 at 07:21pm

I just saw the S1 finale and liked the entire first season. Hopefully, there will be a Season 2 of which I then hope I'd see on my regular cable offerings someday (I've got both DirecTV and Xfinity, plus an AppleTV.
02/25/20 at 08:13pm

I liked the S1:E1 of this show and since it was on Hallmark's regular channel, I saw it on 2/23/2020. It's not in my budget to pay even more for any extra streaming-only channels right now.

I was very disappointed to see Hallmark aired a non-HD version even though I was watching on its HD channel (on Comcast-Xfinity). I hope Hallmark can fix that issue for the following episodes.

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