Whiskey Cavalier

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Feb 27, 2019 - May 22, 2019




Drama / Comedy




Will - Scott FoleyFrankie - Lauren CohanSusan - Ana OrtizEdgar - Tyler James WilliamsRay - Josh Hopkins

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A dramedy following an FBI agent and CIA agent who lead a specialized team in high-stakes missions.

Will Chase is a tough but tender FBI agent who gets assigned to work with edgy CIA operative Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge. Together they lead an inter-agency team of spies tackling high-stakes missions, while navigating ups and downs in their personal lives.

Comments (52)

Joe Gerard
12/27/19 at 12:21pm

The whole cast made this a great show --- bring it back or get Netflix to buy the rights !
12/15/19 at 01:35pm

Love this show!! Bring it back!! Netflix? Somebody?
12/08/19 at 05:53pm

Lauren go back to the Walking Dead. That is where you true acting abilities are shown to the fullest. It certainly wasn't on this show. I have followed you from your first day on Walking Dead and was shocked that you just "left". This show wasn't a wise choice, for sure.
DeNeen Harold
10/17/19 at 08:08pm

I loved this show. I loved the characters, the missions, and I just have to see what happens following the last episode of season 1. Please bring it back.
09/22/19 at 03:30pm

Bring it back. It’s a great show , lots of interesting people and story lines. I will miss it. How many stupid reality shows do we need like the bachelor etc.
09/15/19 at 10:04pm

What is your problem? You guys have a real knack for canceling series that are great. For the first time in a long time you brought a show that had all 4 qualities, intrigue, laughter romance and suspense. Not to mention a cast that had great chemistry together. Way to go ABC. Maybe you can do something original and bring another reality show. Now I see why I watch Stars, HBO, and EPIX. Thank goodness I don’t have to waste my money on your lousy network because if I did it will be the first to go.
08/31/19 at 06:01pm

OMG. ABC did it again. I officially am done . This was such a good show,cast,etc. Damn
Ed Lheureux
08/27/19 at 09:25am

Please give this show a chance!!
08/21/19 at 05:36pm

ABC has done it yet again. No more shows from them for me. This is wca dummy hiw you lose viewers. If that is what they wanted to do. Job well done.
Ernie Widenhoefer
07/30/19 at 09:23pm

I was getting into the show and they cancel it. ABC does that a lot I'm not getting into anymore new shows.

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