1000-lb Sisters

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Jan 01, 2020 - Present






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A reality series following two overweight siblings trying to lose weight.

Amy and Tammy Slaton are two sisters from Kentucky who weigh a combined 1,000 pounds. Together, they are attempting to lose enough weight to qualify for a life-altering bariatric surgery and pursue their dreams of a healthier lifestyle.

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11/15/21 at 02:56pm

This show makes me wonder if Wu Flu comorbidities really exist. You'd figure they were prime candidates
09/27/21 at 06:01am

Horrific , but also interesting. In 1998 I was working at a nursing home / surgery center , they brought in a woman this big using a forklift device. We all wanted to see her , but she would scream in despair when we opened the door. It was heartbreaking and sad.

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