68 Whiskey

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Jan 15, 2020 - Mar 18, 2020


Drama / Comedy




Cooper - Sam KeeleyGrace - Gage GolightlyRosa - Cristina RodloMekhi - Jeremy TardyAnthony - Nicholas CoombeSasquatch - Derek ThelerSonia - Beth RiesgrafHarlan - Lamont Thompson

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A dramedy following a multicultural mix of Army medics deployed to a base in Afghanistan.

A diverse group of men and women are stationed in Afghanistan as Army medics. As they endure dangerous surroundings, they rely on friendship, vices, and a shared sense of purpose to get them through their days.

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04/12/20 at 01:46pm

Nine episodes in and it gets better every episode funny only 10 episodes though, so hopefully it will end really well.

I hope for a 2nd season at this point, I would enjoy it!
Bev cont.
03/21/20 at 11:41am

Hope it gets a 2nd Season !! or 3rd !!
03/21/20 at 11:40am


Agree completely with you !! Both my husband and I like the show !!
02/27/20 at 05:59pm

I like it. Don't have to think too hard and it isn't reality tv. Funny
Jane Dorsey
02/08/20 at 07:53pm

This show is terrible. The writing is so bad, and I believe any positive reviews are from people who actually work on the show. How is this not canceled yet?
02/08/20 at 09:04am

Update 2/7/2020: Overall, I'm liking the show.
01/28/20 at 10:30am

I'm typing this before episode 3 has even aired.

I'm interested, but definitely not liking or comfortable with a couple of the main characters dealing drugs and two Sergeants involving a naive, subordinate-new-guy into the drug-activity, unless the series somehow intends to transition this comedy-drama to U.S. Penitentiary Leavenworth. I also wasn't liking the rug-dealing scheme occurring as part of the background story in the first episode.

I am curious as to what the Contractor detachment is doing at its secret base.

So far, I've found the most interesting acting, character, and story-line being actress Cristina Rodlo's character. I think she's got the potential of carrying the entire series. Perhaps the series should have been written from her point of view.

I believe the show has (or had) promise, but understand this initial season is already finishing taping/filming and unknown whether it'll get a chance with a 2nd season or not. I hope this show picks itself up and gets better from episode 3-on.
01/25/20 at 03:53pm

Very boring. Just a bunch of soldiers screwing and running drugs. Very disappointing!
01/23/20 at 07:09am

This show is terrible.

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