Avenue 5

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Jan 19, 2020 - Nov 28, 2022




Comedy / Sci-fi




Ryan - Hugh LaurieIris - Suzy NakamuraKaren - Rebecca FrontMatt - Zach WoodsHerman - Josh GadRav - Nikki Amuka-BirdBillie - Lenora CrichlowSpike - Ethan PhillipsJordan - Himesh Patel

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A comedy following the staff and passengers of a space cruise ship in the future.

40 years from now, space tourism is all the rage and the Avenue 5 is a luxury space cruise ship. The captain and crew of the ship must work to deal with disgruntled passengers, unexpected events, and each other, after experiencing technical difficulties onboard.

Comments (9)

07/02/23 at 01:39am

So that's it? They trapped in Space forever?
04/26/20 at 05:28am

I find this show absolutely hysterical. I love it. I hope HBO makes more.
04/16/20 at 02:57pm


I grew up with Monty Python and Benny Hill and love the Office (UK) how dare you compare this show to them!!! lol
03/15/20 at 07:51pm

I'd assume most of the people hating on this show don't like Monty Python, Benny Hill, The Office (UK) or similar shows.
02/23/20 at 08:06pm

I watch a lot of TV into the wee hours because I often have trouble falling asleep. Well, this show was the answer to that. I would watch a few minutes then fall asleep, then wake up 5 minutes later and reverse the DVR to the spot I last saw. Then, I'd watch a few minutes and fall asleep again. This went on and on until I realized that I just couldn't find anything interesting enough in this show to keep trying to finish the first episode. I immediately erased the 4 yet unseen episodes I had already recorded and was glad to release those hours back to the DVR. If this was in any way an attempt to attract the same viewers of Orville, it is an astounding failure.
02/09/20 at 07:26pm

I don’t understand all the hate for this show. I think it’s hysterical.
Couch Potato
01/29/20 at 04:27am

Houston we have a problem. Abort mission, we have a failure to launch. What was the thought process for making this show? I won't go into details of how this show is absolutely terrible. Please do not waste your time on this one.
01/28/20 at 05:30pm

Absolutely horrible. Didn’t laugh once watching the first episode. I was really hoping this will good.
Howard Leibovitch
01/20/20 at 11:41am

I don't think this show will make it around its "round trip to the stars" let alone alone a full season. What a piece of trash. Couldn't even finish the first episode it was so bad.

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