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Feb 06, 2020 - Apr 16, 2020








Linda - Fran DrescherStew - Steven WeberDave - Adam PallyRebecca - Abby Elliott

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A comedy following a couple who are forced to take care of their parents who have fallen on hard times.

Dave and Rebecca are young parents looking forward to reclaiming their life after years of raising their kids.

But when Dave's folks show up unexpectedly, claiming to be broke after mismanaging their savings, him and Rebecca open the door to help them out in their time of need.

This new living situation will test some boundaries, leaving Dave and Rebecca wondering just who is parenting who.

Comments (11)

03/07/21 at 03:17pm

This is what some 80 year old executive thinks that millennials think is funny.
Karen Estrada
12/12/20 at 08:25am

I loved it. I honestly thought it was so funny and I enjoyed every individual character’s energy. I even followed the show on Twitter idk im sad it’s gone
11/19/20 at 07:23pm

Adam Pally sucks the energy out of very show he's in, so this show was doomed from the start, (Happy Endings should have been cancelled in its second season.)
But Steven Weber deserves better.
06/24/20 at 03:54pm

thank GOD. what a waste of time, not funny, terrible writing and not funny at all.
Donna Moneymaker
06/12/20 at 04:07am

How is this show better than "Broke"?? Same plot line. The acting is a joke. Fran Drescher is overacting and Adam Pally isn't acting at all! The best character is the sister who works at the pet store.
05/31/20 at 01:32pm

Great family comedy. You can’t go wrong with Fran Drescher.
05/07/20 at 03:10am

Garbage.. pure garbage.
04/15/20 at 12:58pm

Keep the cast fire the writers and all will be well.
03/13/20 at 08:51am

I kinda like this show but I can not stand that Fran Drescher ALWAYS looks at the camera!!! Even when she "doesn't try" she still in! I catch it every time too!
02/26/20 at 07:04am

But once I calmed down, I tuned in again, and actually I LOVE the show and think Fran is great.I hope it does well.Happy viewing!

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