Julie and the Phantoms

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Sep 10, 2020




Drama / Comedy




Julie - Madison ReyesLuke - Charlie GillespieReggie - Jeremy ShadaAlex - Owen JoynerFlynn - Jadah MarieCarrie - Savannah May

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A musical comedy following a teenage girl who forms a band with a trio of ghosts.

Julie is a high school girl who lost her passion for music after the death of her mother. When the ghosts of three teen musicians from 25 years ago mysteriously appear in her mom's old music studio, Julie's inner spirit awakens.

Joining the trio, Julie helps them become the band they were never able to be, while they inspire her to start writing and singing again.

Comments (5)

07/01/21 at 03:46am

I really want to know if theres a season 2
11/17/20 at 08:47am

Best show ever
09/22/20 at 06:53am

Kenny Ortega has a gift for shows like this... This show continues to showcase this. This young lady is very talented, and the phantoms are all amazing as well. The show pulls on the right heart strings at times. And it feeds into the things that are currently going on with humor and fashion and the likes, the "in" things, while also be relatable for an older crowd. The songs are catchy, fun, and heartwarming.

Someone else commented about hearing the girl singing horribly on the preview. I too was a bit unsure from that preview, but after watching the show, you really can hear this girls range, she's quite amazing.
09/10/20 at 10:48am

OMG....tried to watch the preview and when that girl started singing i was like nope. That was pretty awful.
07/30/20 at 09:21pm

Josie and the Pussycats rip off. I smell a lawsuit

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