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Jan 01, 2020








Avrim - Tomer SisleyEva - Michelle MonaghanAl Massih - Mehdi DehbiFelix - John OrtizAnna - Melinda Page HamiltonRebecca - Stefania LaVie OwenMiriam - Jane AdamsJibril - Sayyid El AlamiSamir - Fares LandoulsiWill - Wil Traval

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A thriller following a CIA officer who investigates a man whose followers view him as a divine entity.

Eva Geller is a CIA officer who begins investigating a charismatic man who is attracting international attention due to his followers believing that he can perform miracles.

As she is drawn into the mystery surrounding this newly-emerged figure, it takes her on a global mission to uncover whether he is truly a divine entity or merely a deceptive con artist.

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12/15/20 at 09:08am

Dammit happens to every show I get I to
01/05/20 at 09:08am

Saw it today and it was very good. I still dont know is he real, did he make wonders and what will be his endgoal. So i hope there will be a season 2
Steve S.
01/02/20 at 09:00am

For example, The Da Vinci Code (which I never saw and apparently was way overhyped), was probably mostly an attack on Christian beliefs by confusing admitted fiction with the authors alleged fiction in actual Christian teachings. So whatever interest could be there is lost in the mockery intent.
Steve S.
01/02/20 at 08:37am

I’ve seen the promos. Interesting idea but easy to ruin by someone with an axe to grind rather than explore it. I don’t see Netflix ever on my menu so I won’t be enticed.

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