Motherland: Fort Salem

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Mar 18, 2020 - Aug 23, 2022








Raelle - Taylor HicksonTally - Jessica SuttonScylla - Amalia HolmAnacostia - Demetria McKinneyAbigail - Ashley Nicole Williams

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A drama following a trio of witches who become weapons for the American military.

In an alternate version of America, witches have ended their persecution by agreeing to fight for their country. Three young women are selected for training in combat magic in order to fight on the front lines against looming terrorist threats.

Comments (12)

06/30/23 at 03:05pm

Season three was a good ending for the show.. it was well done until the end.
08/11/21 at 01:31pm

Great show - love the story, love the characters and also interesting to see the dark Magic and stuff. It like watch one my action show some what and sports
08/07/21 at 07:47am

Great show - love the story, love the characters - and the special FX. Signed "100 % straight male".
07/12/21 at 12:37pm

The new season is great , the show had one gay romance out of whole school. And most women I have dated tell me of having experiences with other women. So why would you diss gay women? This show is great. Let's hope for a season three.
06/22/21 at 08:28am

Nice show , like the story and dark magic stuff
12/03/20 at 01:18am

This series is first and foremost about women in a position of power. Women coming into their own and being there for each other. One of the heroin just happens to be gay. And she happens to have a love life. If you feel that people being human on the screen "push their sexual preferences" onto you, then maybe you should just change the channel ^^!
08/06/20 at 11:42am

I just couldn’t wait for this show to begin and it is now ruined for me with all the gay people. I really don’t mind people’s sexual preference but I don’t want it pushed at me and I feel it is sad that you all have to incorporate guy people in your story line. A real loss for me.
marc winters
06/09/20 at 11:10am

nice show
Bernie Larsen
05/18/20 at 01:18pm

Stumbled upon this series while channel surfing one day; what a find! The concept is so unique, the cast and storyline are spot-on, and the production is amazing! The only complaint I have is that there are only going to be eight episodes in this first season. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it gets renewed for a second season, and they increase the number of episodes!
Juan Guadarrama
05/13/20 at 01:32am

Just watched this show on hulu. I REALLY hope they dont cancel this show. It is hard to find a good scfi show that does not get cancelled these days. This is also one of the best scfi shows I have found in quite some time. I give free form credit for this show. Please just a request if you are going to cancel the show at any point please give it an ending. To cancel a show of this calibur without an ending would be a crime.

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