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Oct 06, 2020 - Dec 22, 2020




Drama / Sci-fi




Paul - John SlatteryShea - Fernanda AndradeCM - Michael MosleyTed - Jason Butler HarnerGina - Eve HarlowAbby - Elizabeth CappuccinoBen - Aaron Moten

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A thriller following the emergence of a dangerous, rogue artificial intelligence.

When a Silicon Valley pioneer discovers that the powerful artificial intelligence he created has gone rogue, he realizes it could lead to a global catastrophe. Teaming up with a cybercrime agent, the two begin a fight against an enemy unlike anything ever seen.

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09/15/21 at 00:42am

I actually thought this show was quite promising.
It was definitely written well and is great at building suspense. Every character had a good story and their own internal struggle; which caused them to have some sort of switch in thinking (or personality twist) at some point in the show.

I kind of wish it was a limited series though. (12-16 episodes)
This way, it could have had more development towards the ending climax.. but end with a more substantial and satisfying conclusion.

Either way.. worth the watch!
Would be pretty cool if this was remade into a movie!!
Liza Robertson
12/29/20 at 06:43pm

This ended like it would have another season which makes perfect sense when you know you're not getting cancelled but of course everything different must be cancelled unless of course it is zombies which is totally unbelievable, but yet show something that has the probability of happening in the not so distant future and here comes the ax, which is settle way of saying you can't do that on television. Please bring it back, not just the AI, but the tv show, for reals.
12/25/20 at 03:30am

I thought the FBI agent was miscast.
12/23/20 at 01:59pm

Wow cancelled when it was just getting started while shows with lower ratings get up to 15 seasons, well thats why people lose interest in watching tv these days.
waldo world
12/01/20 at 07:10pm

loved this i have no idea whu good shows get cancelled
11/22/20 at 06:37pm

Person of Interest was better
11/19/20 at 08:41pm

Actually I thought this was a pretty good show. Maybe Netflix or Hulu will run with it later.
11/15/20 at 05:28pm

That was real dumb to take this off the air rite when it was getting real good jezzz
10/18/20 at 09:52am

I think this one is awesome!
10/12/20 at 08:25pm

No. Just no.

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