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Jan 23, 2020 - Mar 26, 2020








Mike - Jason BiggsCay - Maggie LawsonRita - Tisha Campbell-MartinIrwin - Finesse MitchellBrian - Connor KalopsisNicole - Ashley BoettcherMarc - Jack Stanton

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A comedy following a blue-collar couple raising four kids – three of whom are certified geniuses.

Cay and Mike are blue-collar workers raising four kids. But this regular couple have their hands especially full with the demands of three of them who happen to have a very high IQ.

Though it may be overwhelming at times, the couple are committed to bringing a sense of normalcy to their kids' unconventional childhoods, even if they can't always related to their little geniuses.

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02/07/20 at 08:30am

I don't see this lasting. It started with a potentially good premise, but just doesn't gel. I watched 3 episodes (to the one where the parents visit) -- and I am just not interested. I also like Maggie Lawson's acting, but I didn't much care for the Dad going down and vaping pot and Mom drinking because they cannot handle their kids. Katy Mixon can pull it off in American Housewife of the kids vs parents -- and it is funny. Happy viewing!
01/28/20 at 09:07pm

I stopped watching after 15 minutes
David Wood
01/26/20 at 06:56pm

Us VS them. As if the parents are living in fear of their alien-like children. Reminds me of "Village of the Damned".
Not a drop of affection shown towards their own kids.
Steve S.
01/23/20 at 09:38pm

I kind of watched half of the first episode and it’s like the majority of sitcoms with supposed funny all joke dialog that I never laugh once for. Perhaps it’s impossible for me to judge since I see nothing, zero. Maggie has been hooking up with the wrong people.
Steve S.
01/23/20 at 08:39am

I think it’s mostly scrubs - so destined to be bad again. However, Tony Danza has a part time role! I don’t know if he’s funny anymore, but I would make Danza the husband, old as he is for Maggie, and ditch the rest - kids are TBD.
Steve S.
01/23/20 at 08:18am

I was excluding Psych because Psych wasn’t built around her. Psych was mostly pretty good although it had infantile lapses.
Steve S.
01/23/20 at 05:58am

I love Maggie Lawson so I’ll watch. But every show she’s gotten has been doomed from the start by bad ideas and bad writers. Kids smart and parents dumb? Could well be yet another infant idea.

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