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Jan 23, 2020 - Mar 26, 2020








Mike - Jason BiggsCay - Maggie LawsonRita - Tisha Campbell-MartinIrwin - Finesse MitchellBrian - Connor KalopsisNicole - Ashley BoettcherMarc - Jack Stanton

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A comedy following a blue-collar couple raising four kids – three of whom are certified geniuses.

Cay and Mike are blue-collar workers raising four kids. But this regular couple have their hands especially full with the demands of three of them who happen to have a very high IQ.

Though it may be overwhelming at times, the couple are committed to bringing a sense of normalcy to their kids' unconventional childhoods, even if they can't always related to their little geniuses.

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06/24/20 at 04:04pm

it had so much promise... but they made the kids toooo annoying. it was rarely funny. I think if they concentrated on the kids being uber geniuses instead of the parents drinking in the basement and lamenting being parents, it might have worked. ..
06/12/20 at 04:39am

Nothing stands a chance anymore. Why even bother watching Network Television.
05/25/20 at 07:43pm

I enjoyed the show. Good escapism, loved how the kids were on a different level than the parents. Sad to see it go. Fox seems to be going down hill, a number of shows I watched here were dropped.
Guess streaming is the way to go as networks shows are mostly garbage and when I find one that seems good it gets cancelled or the show gets refocused with all the current political correct causes of the day.
05/21/20 at 03:40pm

The premise was good but execution was bad.
05/11/20 at 11:14am

I love the show. It very funny and the show ended on a cliffhanger and I like to see what happens. Today most show don't get a second chance and that wrong if given the shot it may prove to you it a good show.. A lot of good tv don't get that change and it sad
05/09/20 at 09:25pm

Its awful! Really terrible!
04/03/20 at 02:49pm

My wife & I liked the show. I was expecting to see it yesterday, but after some research, saw it only got a 10 episode-run for its debut season. I hope the cast & crew gets a 2nd season.
Racy Torris
03/26/20 at 09:36pm

Terrible. That's all.
03/26/20 at 06:13pm

This is actually pretty funny. I like the parents. Good actors. Give it a shot
Milton Terry Hagedorn
02/12/20 at 00:39am

Outmatched is correctly named. This show is outmatched by just about every other comedy on TV. I like Maggie Lawson and had high hopes she would find the type of success here she had on Psych, but I don't see it happening. Through the entire first episode there was not one moment where I was drawn to spontaneous laughter. One and done for me.

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