Party of Five

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Jan 08, 2020 - Mar 04, 2020








Emilio - Brandon LarracuenteLucia - Emily TostaBeto - Niko GuardadoValentina - Elle Paris Legaspi

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A drama following five children trying to make it on their own after their parents are deported to Mexico.

This reboot of the 1990s series of the same name follows the five Acosta children as they deal with life's daily struggles after their parents are unexpectedly deported to Mexico.

Left to fend for themselves the moment they said goodbye to their mother and father at an immigration detention center, the children must fight through adversity and find a way to function as a family unit.

Comments (15)

07/10/20 at 01:25pm

Well I never watched but a few minutes of the first episode and it was ruining the classic Party of Five for me so I said nah.
01/20/20 at 10:07pm

Wow, there are some heartless people out there. No wonder there are so many race/hate crimes lately, there are so many ignorant people thinking they are being funny talking about deporting people, but guess what if y'all had actually picked up a history book, unless you are native American we are ALL immigrants. Wait I am part native American. The hate is disgusting and show your lack of class.
01/15/20 at 01:51pm

All of you jerks with the racist jokes should be ashamed of yourselves. There are real families being torn apart, real children ending up in the foster system. A system that is already ****ed up. Have some respect for those that are being impacted. If you do not like the show and it's message change the channel.
will spoon
01/11/20 at 01:25pm

It would be more believable if it was Party Of Twelve
Stephania J Wagner
01/08/20 at 07:52pm

One of my favorite shows growing up and then they have to remake with this political crap! No thankyou!
01/08/20 at 11:43am

This show will be cancelled after 2 episodes. People are sick and tired of this crap
01/08/20 at 09:17am

Every movie, tv, etc. is now political. Social values are thrown at you on all tv shows; i.e., illegals, same-sex relationships.
12/17/19 at 05:31pm

Ok seriously, Party of Five the parents were killed. So now we have to remake it for a political statement. I see Canceled in the near future.
12/10/19 at 06:46pm

What kind of parents would leave their kids behind? Take them home with you!
10/29/19 at 01:40pm

Network Freeform lol Trump will put a stop to this one with his wall lol

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