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Jan 23, 2020 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Picard - Patrick StewartAgnes - Alison PillChris - Santiago CabreraRaffi - Michelle HurdData - Brent SpinerSeven of Nine - Jeri RyanHugh - Jonathan Del ArcoWilliam - Jonathan FrakesDeanna - Marina Sirtis

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A drama following the further adventures of Jean-Luc Picard.

Jean-Luc Picard is a retired admiral and former captain of multiple USS starships. With life in the galaxy vastly different since the dissolution of the Romulan Empire, Picard embarks on the next chapter of his life.

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03/14/23 at 09:22pm

Yeah, thoughtless. Not too much, I mean sure but semi action people dying or near death is normal.

Next Spoiler up: In Devil in the Dark. Kirk and crew meet an alien with unknown motives.
Steve S.
02/16/23 at 12:45pm

Never mind what I just wrote about it showing on cbs. I now think what's listed is just a half-hour ad for the (The Final Mission) season even though it doesn't say that. I will watch that just to see what's up with the old actors.
Steve S.
02/16/23 at 08:50am

Has anyone ever seen a restroom or a toilet on a starship? They're frequently worked into the plot on planes but never on a spaceship? Jean-Luc wouldn't be without one. They should have more pets too ... and litter boxes.

No more spoilers - I might watch this since I see the final season might be airing on CBS - unless they're just teasing the first new episode.
02/10/23 at 02:42pm

@James. Spoiler much?!
01/18/23 at 09:21pm

I am on the end of season one and he's dying. LOL. How do they have a season 2?

Guess I'll find out.
03/24/22 at 02:12pm

The new season was great ,until they got wokey with ice being villianous. Still i find the show to be very good in spite of that. I disagree with the lets not make new trek post. Make lots more.
07/20/21 at 06:58pm

Hey now guys,

I think that what they're gonna be doin' this show for the long haul. I just don't that diaper crack was appropriate though.
Mr. Drake
02/27/21 at 11:54am

I am not impressed with this latest batch. It's time to retire ALL the Star Trek franchise. Leave the syndicated reruns for future generation.
03/07/20 at 12:29pm

I really hope they just make this a limited run. It's good for nostalgia but not a long running series. Unless they make a couple of spin-offs.

1. They'd have to fix the male nun character better and he'd have to get better at acting, but they could definitely make a decent show if they did it right.

2. With that Ship's captain and the black woman.
Steve S.
02/10/20 at 03:33am

Marc - nag to you? I’m not even gay. I’m glad they are doing the show even if Patrick Stewart demanded and got everything his honored way before he would do it. Stewart isn’t more important than the others the old cast, but they couldn't do the sequel without the stubborn captain. Making ornery old people in space jokes isn’t nagging. I’d definitely watch the series if it was on regular CBS (Cop and Bull System) where it should be.

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