The Flight Attendant

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Nov 26, 2020 - May 26, 2022








Cassie - Kaley CuocoMiranda - Michelle GomezAlex - Michiel HuismanBuckley - Colin WoodellMegan - Rosie PerezAni - Zosia MametKim - Merle DandridgeShane - Griffin MatthewsDavey - T.R. KnightVan - Nolan Gerard FunkDiana - Bebe Neuwirth

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A mystery drama following a flight attendant trying to figure out if she was involved in a murder.

Cassandra Bowden is a flight attendant who wakes up in a Bangkok hotel room to find a dead body next to her. Hungover and having no memories of what happened the night before, she doesn't tell anyone about her discovery and departs as usual on her next flight to New York.

Once there, Cassandra is confronted by FBI agents who have questions about her recent International layover. But without the ability to piece together exactly what happened, she starts to wonder if she could be the killer.

Based on Chris Bohjalian's 2018 novel of the same name.

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01/23/24 at 12:52pm

Series started out intriguing and decent, but ended as really silly and totally unbelievable so was actually tougher and tougher to watch and get thru ultimately. 1 season would have been enough here.
12/03/20 at 04:23pm

If it is a limited series ,ill think thank god .... But I'm three episodes in , already i believe she was piled with drink cause she's a drunk ... She drinks on duty ..not a good perception to the career of flight attendants ,so they do the mile high club"?", fratanize with those flying ?....and there is a stalker but hey ill have to watch more cause i want to see what happens ....even if its dragging on ....

I do believe kaley should have stuck with Harley Quinn, that shows she's good at voice work in animation
11/28/20 at 08:58am

I'm now 3 episodes (out of a reported 8 total) into this series (I think it'll be a short or limited mini-series). I really like seeing Kaley Cuoco in something a bit different compared her prior Big Bang Theory role. She's amazingly attractive and dressed up much more. Her acting is superb and is in just about every scene, with various minor facial feature details and expressions. Not knowing her personally, I can only suspect some of these nuances aren't learned or played, so much as her being herself in many of the scenes; very cute and likable. Enough about KC as she's great in the role. The story is getting long and frustrating by now, perhaps even boring. I've begun to not care who killed the one-night-stand-boyfriend or who "MIranda" is. With 5 episodes to go, I think I can force myself to watch them all; only time will tell. Note, I did stop watching Nicole Kidman's "The Undoing" halfway through the 2nd episode so I can be a harsh-grader and brutally stop watching a series.

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