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Feb 06, 2020 - May 07, 2020




Drama / Crime




Abigail - Edie FalcoKen - Michael ChernusLooper - Russell G. JonesKate - Olivia Lucy PhillipBlake - Adelaide ClemensDudik - Joseph Lyle TaylorBuddy - Thomas Sadoski

A drama following the life of a woman who is the first female Chief of the LAPD.

Abigail "Tommy" Thomas is a former high-ranking NYPD officer who becomes the first female chief of police for the city of Los Angeles. A New Yorker through and through, Tommy uses her brutal honesty and hardball methods to keep social, political, and national security issues from hindering effective law enforcement in the Southland.

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Richard J Blanco
08/31/20 at 00:56am

Man CBS and once again proves they don’t know what the hell they’re doing this was actually a decent show SMH CVS needs to find some executives and know what they’re doing higher them do whatever but this show Was OK it should’ve been given at least one more season
Richard J. Blanco
08/15/20 at 04:33pm

Man this was a good show CBS you really suck I am there was so many ways you could’ve went with this character
07/05/20 at 08:35pm

I just finished watching Tommy on CBS all access. When I finished I looked to see if it had been renewed, We all know the answer to that. What a shame to cancel a show with a strong female actor and good supporting actors. It was very different from all the other police/detective shows on CBS. I am very disappointed. I guess it does not matter now with COVID 19 taking out at least this years Prime Time. I don’t think there are any shows back in production which means they won’t be ready for Prime Time September/October 2020.
06/02/20 at 05:49pm

CBS I'm so sick of you cancelling good shows you don't give them a fighting chance. Whom ever you have making these decisions need to walk.
05/26/20 at 10:13pm

Damn it! I am so sick of getting interested in a new show and the next thing I know it is gone. This was a really good series
05/24/20 at 10:05am

I liked the show but I understand why it was cancelled. There was some bad casting for one and so so writing and acting surrounding Ms. Falco.
Elena Garcia
05/21/20 at 07:42pm

Another great show cancelled... I don't understand it..
Sharon Clore
05/17/20 at 06:43pm

One of the better new shows. Makes you wonder what CBS uses for brains. They are forever cancelling the good shows. I watch CBS less and less.
05/10/20 at 05:22am

Look at the cancellations...CBS has a great record for cancelling shows without giving them a real shot. TOMMY should have been given a second season especially when you consider they had it up against How To Get Away With Murder! Now that that show is over, what's the harm in giving TOMMY a chance??? Edie Falco at least deserves that much !
05/07/20 at 10:15pm

Just as the show hits peak this week they cancel. Just like DEPUTY you have to give these shows a little time to mellow out. what a waste of good talent.

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