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Drama / Medical


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A medical drama following an ER doctor who flees Syria for a better life in Canada.

Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed is a Syrian doctor who makes the hard decision to flee his troubled country and move to Canada with his younger sister Amira.

Hoping to use his battle-tested skills to return to his career in medicine, Bash and Amira work to build a new life in Canada while dealing with the ups-and-downs that come along with their new surroundings.

Bash's life experiences and unique medical background allows him to navigate a new environment and forge relationships after earning a coveted residency in the Emergency Department of one of the best hospitals in the city of Toronto.

Comments (14)

10/02/21 at 06:39pm

Watched 4 episodes and found the rest Great show hope for season 2 thanks
Linda Vanlandingham
12/10/20 at 08:36am

From Washington State. Love this show! I hope the major network, CBS, continues to air it. There are several medical shows running, this one is top of my list.
Vera Covarrubias
12/10/20 at 04:53am

I like it. I hope we get a second season.
12/09/20 at 08:21am

I'm thrilled that we are getting Canadian shows now. Quite a few are pretty good but hard to get access to. I really like this one though I got a kick out of a reviewer somewhere complaining that after 4 episodes there still hadn't been any transplants. I guess the title was a little to creative for that person. I hope this show lasts a long time. Is it still airing new episodes in Canada?
11/18/20 at 08:42pm

I realized today I'm liking this series after 9 episodes, so far. It's as good as any of the other hospital-type shows currently on. I only recognized two veteran actors, but as it turned out, that didn't matter. I already think this series deserves a 2nd season.
11/16/20 at 12:59pm

Love this new medical drama. Please don't cancel. Renew this show.
11/01/20 at 08:37pm

Love this show. Medical drama with a twist transplants from war torn Syria.Great cast.
09/30/20 at 05:11am

Good show but why only 4 episodes? Will there be more?
Constance Snyder
09/03/20 at 09:37pm

It looks interesting. Iam going to watch a few see how it goes. So far zi like it.
Melissa J
09/03/20 at 06:24pm

I tried, but I couldn't get into it, it was slow. Not for me.

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