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Sep 25, 2020






Jessica - Sasha LaneMichael - Rainn WilsonIan - Dan ByrdGrant - Javon WaltonThomas - Cory Michael SmithBecky - Ashleigh LaThropWilson - Desmin BorgesAlice - Farrah MackenzieArby - Christopher DenhamKevin - John CusackColleen - Jeanine Serralles

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A drama following a group of comic fans who get wrapped up in a conspiracy that threatens the world.

When a group of young adults who meet online uncover a cult underground graphic novel, they find clues about world destruction and biological warfare.

This makes them a target of a shadowy deep state organization, burdening them with the perilous task of not only saving themselves, but saving humanity and the world.

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05/06/21 at 05:44pm

While the story line was interesting and the acting was good, it was ultra-violent and shoved a string of curse words at us every other sentence (including from children) which made this show unwatchable. It's better off cancelled and the writer(s) are better off unemployed.
01/08/21 at 07:09am

The British Original was better anyway.
Daniel Lee
11/29/20 at 03:57pm

So sad to see this get cancelled. :( stay alive Jessica Hyde. :(
11/02/20 at 11:48am

Please renew this!
10/05/20 at 10:39am

Great show, great story and great acting. I really hope they renew it!

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