Warrior Nun

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Jul 02, 2020 - Nov 10, 2022




Drama / Fantasy




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A fantasy drama following a teen girl with mysterious powers who joins a sect of warrior nuns.

Ava is an orphaned teenager who wakes up in a morgue with unexplainable powers. As she searches for answers, she realizes she is part of a secret society of warrior nuns, known as The Order of the Cruciform Sword, who are sworn to protect the world from evil.

Now caught in the middle of an ancient war between good and evil, Ava is forced to juggle her responsibilities as the chosen one with the obstacles of being a teenage girl.

Based on the comic book series by Ben Dunn.

Comments (6)

08/16/23 at 07:15am

I don't have Netflix and haven't heard of Warrior Nun. It sounds like a combination of Mrs. Davis and the recent Kung Fu series (both of which I didn't like too much). I'll try to catch an episode or two if I'm visiting someone with Netflix someday.
04/29/22 at 02:50pm

Re:Gene ... The Catholic church does bad on all in its own bro.. Settle down.. This show is pretty awesome so a second season would ve great..
Just Keith
11/22/20 at 08:43am

Father Vincent is the bad guy.
07/11/20 at 07:30am

Written by and directed, for women. Fight scenes are ridiculous, all that screaming and throwing a little red stuff on faces, gone next scene. The halo girl runs around wanting to be a slut criminal. Gives Catholic church a bad name.
jim beam
07/05/20 at 03:33pm

just watched season 1 thought it was pretty good better than most shows out there right now.
Steve S.
07/02/20 at 10:50pm

This is a shameless ripoff of clairvoyant genius Sally Field and her devious sidekick Alejandro Rey.

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