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Dec 19, 2021 - Feb 27, 2022








Shea - Sam ElliottJames - Tim McGrawMargaret - Faith Hill

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A prequel to 'Yellowstone' following the Dutton family's journey to untamed America.

Seeking a better future, the Dutton family embarks on an epic journey west through the Great Plains toward Montana, the last bastion of untamed America.

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02/27/22 at 11:16pm

I just watched the finale. Floored by the acting, writing just everything. I know they picked up more episodes but the way they finished it, I don't know what they will show. I know Taylor has 1932 coming up so I will wait and see but by far one of my favorite shows.
02/05/22 at 03:00am

It's an epic show! Great cast and I am starting to like it more then Yellowstone! I actually order Paramount +to continue watching. FYI - Promo Code 1883 gets you a free month of Paramount +. I highly recommend the show.
02/04/22 at 10:35pm

@Gene interesting that you should say that because in the behind the scene video they said that all of the costumes were made for the show, so that they would be period specific.
12/19/21 at 01:30pm

@Just Keith - Overuse of The Ellipsis, aka "Dot Dot Dot" is an epidemic of poor grammar. Before you make a "Cool Bro" comment and call someone out on "Your vs You're" mistakes, you should refresh your own knowledge of proper grammar first.
12/19/21 at 01:09pm

First few episodes are for free on regular Paramount, so make sure to set your DVR's to record the series its either 2 or 4 episodes.
Just Keith
12/19/21 at 07:41am

Sheesh... learn English
Steve S.
12/19/21 at 01:03am

Wow - A solid 5 rating, two **** going at it months ago, and it hasn't even aired.

I'd check it out but I couldn't get into Yellowstone when it started, and since this a prequel, i'm already out by virtue of the sequel.
11/01/21 at 02:16pm

Your a dork! You have no clue if that is from a flash foward scene from current age or not, wait until the show comes out before you bag on it. Yellowstone is EPIC, so I'm sure this will be as well.
10/16/21 at 09:42am

Nice of them to wear 21st century clothes in 1883. Give me a break!

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