American Horror Stories

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Jul 15, 2021 - Present




Drama / Horror


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A spin-off of horror anthology series 'American Horror Story'.

This anthology spin-off from Ryan Murphy tells a different standalone horror story in each episode.

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10/26/23 at 06:12pm

@ Barry P. Ok so gay=woke. So glad you cleared that up for me. Also, Barry P.=homophobic.
09/24/21 at 06:35pm

@Barry P
Oh honey, you don’t know Ryan Murphy…
Barry P
08/18/21 at 11:13am

First Episodes are where you want to hook your audience and they overload them with Gay characters. Why must every show now act like they are leading the woke. 2 Fathers, ok that's cool. Daughter is also gay, really! Ok now the repressed love interest, not a surprise. Now the Contractor is gay, seriously! Oh wait, Psycho Gay ghost girlfriend. If they gave the chubby friend more screen time she would of ended up the 2nd repressed love interest. I'm glad it is becoming more excepted as a whole but its like walking through Macys perfume department, they are all up in your face with it.

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