And Just Like That

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Dec 09, 2021 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Carrie - Sarah Jessica ParkerMiranda - Cynthia NixonCharlotte - Kristin Davis

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A sequel to 'Sex and the City' that catches up with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda in their 50s.

Sex and the City's Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte continue to navigate the complicated journey of love, life, and friendship in their 50s.

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07/01/23 at 10:31am

The entire storyline is about woke and inclusivity with Carry’s story as an excuse for the show. Amazing that all of them are rich and not ashamed of their money. Stereotypical stupid white people with their white people guilt. Basically it’s pretty hard to watch
02/16/22 at 04:16am

Somewhat watchable, but I won’t miss it if it drops
02/03/22 at 04:02pm

love it!!! hoping for a season 2.
01/05/22 at 04:44am

Well... I've finally seen a show worst that The Conners, and this steaming pile of dung is it.

Absolutely horrendous. The only people who a $#*t about all this "woke" garbage is Hollywood and Millennial losers that don't even pay for HBO Max.

I'm not even going to waste my time to tell you how bad this is.
12/09/21 at 01:32pm

Talk about Crypt Keepers

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