Backyard Bar Wars

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A competition series where contestants try to build the best bar in their backyard.

Based on the current trend of DIY at-home bars, this competition series takes two friends and gives them one week to see which of them can build the best bar in their own backyard.

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Common Sense
01/31/23 at 01:03pm

Try posting your requests somewhere they will actually see them. You all do realize they aren’t associated with this website right?
10/16/22 at 07:33am

I came here to beg to get on the next season. I have a nice pool in grand prairie Texas with a super underused detached garage next to it. My friend, rival and fantasy football commissioner is getting divorced and has a blank slate of a new to him house to play with. But now I just want to up vote Terry in Ohio. I'd love to see that show.
Jennifer Cargo
09/18/22 at 08:21am

This show inspired us so much that we transformed our own backyard into a bar!
03/16/22 at 03:53pm

I’m inquiring as to whether the series is going to get video it was very fun to watch last year and gave me a lot of great ideas
Terry Sprague
03/07/22 at 08:22am

I built a little Tiki Bar in our backyard 3 years ago for my son who has a disability. He really enjoys making drinks for my family and friends. Since watching Backyard Bar Wars, he has been asking about how he could get on the show and compete against his friend who lives across the street from us, who also his a disability. I believe that this would be an awesome contest for them both to compete against one another and also improve on my son's Tiki Bar. We live in Cincinnati Ohio, if you would ever consider coming out to make my son and his friend have the time of their lives!

Thank you,

Terry Sprague
02/22/22 at 11:25pm

Come to San Diego! I have friends I want to compete in bar building with! We need upgrade our janky art project bars with your awesome contractors! We're fun, creative drunks with big ideas and no budget! Help us!
Kathy Allison Banks
02/22/22 at 10:07pm

Just a note to let you know that when you are ready to bring your show to the cold, snowy, rainy shores of Michigan, my husband and I will be happy to host you. We have an open backyard right next to the Clinton River. I really enjoy your show even though I do not watch reality TV. Plus your host is hilarious. I remember him from Girls Club.
02/09/22 at 09:49pm

Great show and the host is hilarious!
02/08/22 at 00:02am

I agree the host sucka
Kelly Codorniz
08/15/21 at 03:15pm

Hi there,

I’m trying to find out how to sign up to be on your show. My husband & I moved to the coast a few months ago and have the PERFECT yard :). We are in the coastal town of Grover Beach CA and would love a beach theme bar area :). Our backyard is 100 x 20 . My husband retired from corrections & we are ready to celebrate. Please let me know how we sign up (I’m sure with many many others), lol ! We love your show & hope to hear back from you, thank you !

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