Backyard Bar Wars

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Jul 08, 2021 - Present






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A competition series where contestants try to build the best bar in their backyard.

Based on the current trend of DIY at-home bars, this competition series takes two friends and gives them one week to see which of them can build the best bar in their own backyard.

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08/15/21 at 11:10am

How do I enter to be on the show ?
08/11/21 at 07:29pm

Backyard Bar Wars really isn’t that great of a show. I’m sorry TruTv, but Impractical Jokers will always be the best show.
07/23/21 at 09:56pm

I really enjoy the show. But the host has to be one of the most unfunny people I have ever seen. I had a sort of friend like that in high school, he liked to do comedy too, never made it any where and pissed everyone off around him with his dumb ass jokes. Same goes for the host of this show, his off the cuff humor is so obvious and cliche, his pop culture reference humor is out dated and childish, and overall just an idiot. He acts like he can’t do anything, you can tell he pisses off everyone around him, and his jokes never hit. Not one laugh ever from what he has said. I love impractical jokers, but this guy sucks. Great show idea, the contractors are awesome, but you need a new host. Also for others, go read compound effect before putting a bar in your home, you may not like the results.

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