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Chad - Nasim Pedrad

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A comedy following a teenage Persian boy entering his first year of high school.

Chad is a 14-year-old Persian boy in his first year of high school. Wanting desperately to be popular, Chad's friendships and sanity are tested as he does his best to make friends with the cool kids while enduring his mom's dating life and reconciling with his cultural identity.

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04/23/21 at 03:56pm

Is Chad new to public school?
John O
04/21/21 at 00:35am

Cringiest show I've seen in a long bad.
04/18/21 at 04:22pm

like anybody wants to watch a show about a trans.. hope it gets cancelled
Ashely Sealy
04/17/21 at 06:19pm

I actually like the joke
04/16/21 at 04:34pm

Thought it was a transgender. Still cant figure out whether it is a comedy or not. The boy seems like a boy wanting to be a girl. Ridiculous show.
04/16/21 at 11:22am

I came here because wanted to know if others thought the show was about transgender kid, because if it is it sure missed the mark. None of the kids seem to care if he is using boys bathroom and girl that wants to have sex does not bring up transgender themes, so I assume it is not. But that has nothing to do with how uncomfortable the show is to watch, Chad is hard to like and awkward and needy is not funny.
Chit-Town ~ B
04/16/21 at 06:39am

The show is ridiculously offensive, I’m not sure WHAT they were thinking when they went through with this. I agree it’s also simply not funny.
04/14/21 at 04:54pm

I don’t care about the gender of the actors, it’s just not funny. I mean, sure there was a giggle here and there, but it falls short for a comedy. I watched 1:1 and tried to get thru 1:2 but it’s more of the same, a whiny teenager that simply can’t be this bad at literally everything. I removed it from the DVR.
04/14/21 at 04:42pm

The show is gross.
Same and normal
04/13/21 at 09:18pm

This show seems to be about an emotionally stunted, possibly suicidal, trans gender child. Totally lacking in comedic moments. Leaves u wondering why you’ve waisted a half hour of your life watching a show about a child who should be in a place where they cannot hurt themselves or others.

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