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Elena - Roselyn SanchezRuby - Kiara BarnesJavier - Gabriel Rodriquez

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A drama set on a mysterious island where people can live out their wildest fantasies.

There is a luxury resort where any fantasy that its guests request is fulfilled - but they rarely turn out as expected. People from all walks of life arrive with desires and dreams and leave transformed and enlightened through the magical realism provided by Fantasy Island.

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Brian R
01/30/23 at 02:27pm

We enjoy the show, but I really don't care for the assistant character. She really doesn't add to the show. They really spotlight that she is gay which is fine, but they seem to feel the need to constantly remind us over and over. It's getting tedious and she doesn't add much to the show.
Pam Lincoln
04/27/22 at 07:07am

I grew up watching the original show and loved it! I also love this one! I am glad it is coming back
09/29/21 at 06:57am

PLEASE PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW. Finally something to watch that is just happy when we get home from work. Beautiful scenery. Interesting people. Who doesn’t wish they could go to Fantasy Island? Please renew. Love the new Elena Roarke.
Tanya Purifoy
09/19/21 at 06:50pm

I loved the original and I love this show. I too hope there will be a full season. I'm sad that it was a short season. Please bring it back. It's nice to watch shows without violence.
09/15/21 at 07:23pm

I agree - with those who are tired of reality shows, talk shows, politics, game shows ... this is a fun and interesting distraction, as it should be! Please pick it up for a full season!
09/14/21 at 11:34pm

It's not the one from 50 years ago,but I find it a great change from reality shows,game shows,talk shows,politics,and awful daily news shows worldwide.We can all use an escape from 2021!
09/13/21 at 09:28pm

Yes, I guess I'm the demographic they were going for. I watched the original when I was a kid and I've been enjoying this. It is, after all, fantasy, and while that's not my typical preference, I find that a little dose of it is nice!
09/13/21 at 05:18pm

I totally agree with Patrick G! I love watching a show with fun escape and a positive lesson.
Patrick G.
08/31/21 at 07:50pm

I think the harsh comments from other people in this thread are mostly underserved. You cannot expect the new “Fantasy Island” to be the same show it was in the 1970’s. That was decades ago, and this new version needs to appeal to a totally different audience that has a myriad of viewing options. I much prefer this “Fantasy Island” to all the stupid reality and game shows we are being force-fed as an audience these days! It’s refreshing to see a title and premise that is familiar yet new at the same time. My only problem is with Elena Rourke. I think the new Tattoo character is much more interesting and feel Rourke should have remained a male. Switching them both to female leads is too “woke” for me!! Plus, the actress playing Rourke is pretty awful and should go back to acting school! Find the original Mr. Rourke’s long lost son and replace Elena with him! If not, the weakness of both this female lead and the ratings suggest that this new FI will be canceled. Which would be a shame!
08/23/21 at 06:38pm

UGH -- all I can say is UGH and yuck. My husband and I are from the generation who never missed an episode of the original. We didn't like that there was always a moral lesson at the end, but they were fun shows, great scenery and lots of guest stars. After watching the first episode, we were one and done. It was nasty, graphic, sad and just depressing (especially the story about keeping the dying wife on the island and tearing her away from her family!). Who needs to watch a diva eating her weight in food either. So took it off my DVR recording schedule and moving on. I cannot imagine it will last. What demographic are they trying to appeal to anyway?

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