FBoy Island

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Jul 29, 2021 - Present


The CW




Host - Nikki Glaser

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A reality dating series following three women looking for love on a tropical island.

Nikki Glaser hosts this dating series where three women travel to a tropical island to be joined by 24 men – 12 "Nice Guys" looking for love, and 12 "FBoys," who are just there to compete for a cash prize.

The women will navigate the dating pool together with the goal of finding a true love connection. By the end, they will learn which of them is a Nice Guy, which of them is an FBoy, and it will be revealed who the women ultimately choose.

Comments (4)

Just Someone
09/10/23 at 12:41pm

OH MY LORD.... lol
On a side note to @Steve S.... I loved Howard Stern.. on tv AND radio but I would NEVER watch this.

I wonder why the video preview is private haha.
12/18/22 at 06:02pm

I can't believe the name of this got past any censors or metwo whatch dogs/

this is a show from 1990 or 2000. not today.

and nikki glaser shouldn't attach her name to this.
nikki is very up front about being a fan of oral and being sexually charged. she should not use hbo max as a playground for her desires and conquests.
Steve S.
07/29/21 at 04:02pm

Same people who watched Howard Stern, and Howard Stern.
07/29/21 at 12:12pm

Who watches garbage like this, and who tells tv show makers people want to see trash like this ?

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